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Solved the short freeze problem..

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  • Solved the short freeze problem..

    I installed the DVD version on my computer, then when i first started the game i just changed the settings to 1024x768,
    detail all higher.. and started the map AS-mothership.. and the game runs really suck.. my mouse will freeze for some about 1 second.. and sometimes my mouse cant even rotate..

    Then i thought this must be crazy.. because my spec is as follows:
    Radeon 9700PRO C-4.3
    512X2 dual 333

    so I think it mught be a memory leak, or sound issues..
    so I changed:
    1.3d audio --> HW 3d audio
    2.unchecked preload skin..

    and then the game runs like in the DEMO.. nice! but the fps stayed around 35~40..

    so.. i looked in the forum and discovered that if you turned off
    2 ATI prog, ati2evxx and ati2sgag, you can gain around 10 FPS..
    ,personally i didnt kill them..

    I was thinking that preload skin might be ok to turn on if you have more than 512 MB of ram...

    the short freeze issue I think comes from the 3d audio.. because your sound chip doesnt recognize non HW accelerated commands.
    and P4P800 comes with a nice HW accelerated audio chip( there are very little motherboard onboard chip that doesnt support HW audio), so you people go and check it out..

    give me any response to increase more performance.. ^^ thx