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Voice Pack not in drop down menu

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    Voice Pack not in drop down menu

    I had some voice packs, and now are not showing up in the voice pack drop down menu selector.

    I think I have too many .u files or something. I have read some people having problems with too many voice packs.
    I just removed 10 of them, but still having this problem.
    I just upped my virtual memory, since that was a recent topic, just to see if it would work, but not working.

    Do I need to just remove some of my .u files to get voice packs to show back up in menu?

    As always when something doesn't work as expected, check the log file for lines related to your missing voice pack. It could be something really simple like a missing package. Also, voice packs are not automatically detected like e.g. maps. The need a localization file with a [Public] section and the proper voice pack object declaration there:


      Cool, thanks for the help Wormbo.
      I checked some of the missing voice packs, they all seem to have the code you specified above.

      I swear some of these worked before, although I could be wrong.
      I will be checking this problem out again tonight.
      I will figure this out somehow.


        I am using a character that I am working on and testing in UT2004 and a lot of custom voice packs are not listed although installed.
        I just switched to a UT2004 character in the player selection menu, and all the voice packs are back where they should be.

        So I'm thinking it's my upl for my character, it looks ok, not sure.
        (I need to learn a little more about the upl elements)

        I wanted to learn about the AI and how to change the bots characteristics within the upl.
        Mainly like my goal is to do some monsters, like how do I adjust the way they move around, is there more help on Wiki or something.

        Well anyways, I can prevent this from happening by deleting what I had under the text for the character (in upl), not sure if it was something in it, like parentheses or double and single quote marks within the main quotes.
        The text also could have been too long, or maybe unevenly spaced between lines after I pasted the text in there.


          I figured out why this was happening.
          The text that is for the info of the character in the upl had a space right after the first quote mark.

          Basically if you have this Text=" This characters info."
          the space somehow limits how many voice packs you see in the voice pack selection menu for the player you have chosen.