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Network Problems in UT2003

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  • Network Problems in UT2003

    Ok, has anyone else have this problem? No matter what server, mod, or game type I play online, my ping skyrockets past 999 almost immediately. I have Cable 768download/128upload connection. I am runnin a Barton 2500+ with Ti4200, 512 ram on a new Asus a7n8x-Deluxe board. I just formatted my entire system cause i thought it might had been a reg tweak I did a while back. Well, it wasn't. I have all the newest patches for UT2K3, what gives? If anyone has had this problem and fixed it, please let me know. I also am running Windows XP fully updated. All my drivers are up to date too. And I did try the console command of 'netspeed' to try different netspeeds. nothing givin!!! Plz help!!!

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    Is your cable connected to your computer via USB or CAT 5 cable ? USB networking is dodgy.