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Problems occuring in UT2k4 so far

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    Problems occuring in UT2k4 so far

    So far... I have noticed people talking of a mouse issue

    that hasn't happened to me so far.

    I, however, have noticed it takes unbelieveably long to load a map. This should not happen.

    I have noticed that the game takes a MASS of memory. I have 512MB of memory. the min is 128 and the preferred is 256. This means I should be fine, yes? WRONG! I have screen shots of people with 1GB of memory and only have 100megs free. I believe there is a problem that NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

    So far.... single player onslaught with no bots and no mutators

    707meg page file
    20megs free ram
    2-4 minute loading period per map
    graphics stuttering with a 9800 Pro with Cat 4.2

    wanna know why it is stuttering...... because the hdd has to continuously SWAP to the hard drive to free up memory. It seems that i need 1GB to play it smoothly.

    Did UT2k3 do this..... no, not with a ton of people.

    Probably saying.... driver problems or old drivers, right. Wrong again. All drivers are the latest. I'm running everything at normal level for the graphics because it doesn't lag as bad.

    Now ur saying.... ur specs are too low.... nope.
    Intel Pentium 4 2.4C (M0) @ 3.0GHz 100% stable
    Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Motherboard
    2x256 GeIL Golden Dragon PC3500 2-3-3-6
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro
    Seagate 80GB SATA hdd

    There is no undervolting or overheating going on.

    want some proof of others with 1GB

    i agree w/ fairy.

    i got a near top of the line system and i'm lagging on instant action. i could barely moved, had to reset everything to default on video.



      it sucks that it eats up so much memory. kinda weird if you ask me :weird:

      went through alot to get this.

      1. got up at 5am to go to college classes
      2. played magic the gathering until 8:55 where i rode the bus to the mall
      3. sat and waited for EB to open
      4. Go inside and wait on UPS to deliver the games... ARGH
      5. Walk out side into a downpour.... YAY :sour:
      6. load up the game in 5 minutes
      7. had alot of problems with my system not liking it.:weird:

      maybe a patch so it doesn't act like windows and suck up any resources laying around.


        Long Load Times

        CPU 2.8
        memory 512mb DDR
        128mb nvidia 5900

        Just can't beleive the long load times. The demo ran great, but the game is running really slow.

        what up guys?


          same problems

          I'm glad i'm not the only one having this problem...

          the demo ran GREAT!!!

          this SE that I bought is giving me problems

          Loading the maps take forever... these of course are normal maps...

          I have no idea what the problem is and hopefully Atari will have them resolved soon..

          otherwise the demo is more fun...




            how about a 'SE DVD protection keeps paying customers from playing' issue???


              While it ****** me off I can't play all the cool new ONS maps, i'm glad that i'm not alone in my problem of having a decent system and getting downright terrible performance.


              XP Home
              P4 2.4
              512 DDR RAM (probably upgrading to 1024 soon)
              128mb Radeon 9600XT

              I got better fps playing the demo on my Radeon 8500LE than the full with my XT. Wtf is wrong?

              DM and all the other game modes play great, but ONS is near-unplayable, with 35 FPS being the average, with dips to the mid-teens being far too common.


                Same problem guys but Amazingly it works perfectly online! No lag or stutering. Long load times though


                  Yo, need another choice in the pole... "Game won't load"


                    I dont have any of thoses issues...

                    My maps load in about 25 seconds... (2x RAID 0 array )

                    I alt-tab out of the game all the time while running...

                    With my 3.2c at 3.7Ghz and 2.0GB of ram.. The game is using 440MB and 45% utilized with 32 bots playing Assault-Robot City...

                    With ALL details on Highest setting, 4x AA. 16x AF...

                    But the game is on PageFile swap hog! I should have enough ram to cover any swapping


                      As stated in another thread. Uncheck the boxes for Speech and Skins under the misc. section of the game menu. That will stop all the swapping for offline play. Good workaround till it's gets fixed. just remember to turn skins back on for online play as it will degrade online after a while with players joining and leaving the server.


                        Sound distorted

                        After installing it on my Dell inspiron 8600 all my sounds are distorted even from outside of UT. I tried adjusting my volume controls but no luck. Even from WinAmp and WMP everything sounds like as if the volume was turned up to the max. Doing the microphone adjust helped a little bit so it has to be something to do w/ with the speechredist that installed. This speechredist didn't install on my desktop when I ran it.


                          Speechredist renames my desktop icons

                          I have had good results so far however I did have to install Speechredist because it kept reseting my desktop icons back to the default names of "My Computer" , "My Documents" etc


                            The category "system freezes" needs to be added.

                            I can't play the instant action maps for onslaught (the others work fine). I'm suspecting some kind of memory leak or something since the game even does it in full safe mode.



                              Well boys and girls,
                              I got my stick of 512mb and now i'm 1Gig strong in memory. I would like to say UT2004 plays perfectly. Loads fast and plays great. it's like playing the demo again I get the message waiting for players to join and the count down 3...2...1...PLAY.