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Dedicated server???!!!

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    Dedicated server???!!!

    First of all i want 2 say hi 2 all of ya!

    I am a new member here, just singed now.

    I did download "Free Full Version Dedicated Server" and I was wonderin can anyone tell me how to set it up?

    I have retail version of UT2k3, but I thought this server should be better - well is it better?

    OK thats all 4 now - I hope someone have time 2 help

    My server "Join the Dark Side" runs BR Anubis map only (i dont like other maps) it has no trans and speed is 160.

    So if ur good come, if not dont!

    Once again hello all of ya!

    Thank you all for your replies?!

    I think this is not the way to welcome a new member to ur forum!

    I am stil waitin for an answer.


    That full dedicated server was at:

    Under -------------> M I S C . F I L E S


      I only can tell you that if you only want to host a server it IS better... the difference between a dedicated and a non dedicated is that you do not play on the computer with the dedicated.. that menas it can run the whole day.. people can join and disconnect and it's running all the time... and therefore has better performance...

      anyway there are tutroials at and there is a "Server Administration" subforum... maybe post there for more specific advise...