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    Hi, today i bought a copy of UT2004, it's a very old version v3186, 6cd, no ECE. unboxed it, installed, and when i checked the online play i got this

    i thought that maybe it's because i need to patch it, so i did, to v3369, now there is a different message, but i'm still banned

    How can a cd-key be banned before it even got used? i love this game, and wanted to show my support by buying it, i couldn't find it sooner in this country (serbia). did i wasted my money? is there anything i can do?

    Welcome to the UT2004 community. I've sent a private message to Flak (moderator) regarding your problem, she will probably contact you.
    In the meantime:

    Where did you buy this copy of UT2004?
    Are you sure it's new and not used?

    It might be that you bought it from someone that got his CD-Key banned.


      You can contact You will need to provide proof that you bought a new copy, not used.


        There can be several explanations. One is that the CD key that you got is not original after all. Another one is that someone managed to bruteforce your key somehow. Either way, the best thing to do in this case is to go back to the shop where you bought it and ask for a new key.

        EDIT: Well, Flak beat me to it. I didn't think Epic were nice enough to do that themselves


          thanks for the welcome and quick response. i bought my game here
          but how can i prove that i bought it? i have the bill, but thats about it, maybe they could confirm it in the shop. this really sucks........