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64 Bit Patch

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  • 64 Bit Patch

    I recently upgraded my old System to Windows 7 Ultimate, Has anyone successfully gotten the 3369 64Bit patch to work under Windows 7.
    I have found that sometimes it loads and I can play for a few minutes before it crashes, then the next time it will not load at all,
    and then other times it tends to open in a box that I can not move on screen.

    System Specs below Don't Laugh it's Old but it still works great

    Windows 7 Ultimate
    AMD 3700+ San Diego
    2GB OCZ Platinum
    Asus EN8600GT
    Driver 295.73 64bit

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    Forget the 64bit patch, 32bit works fine. In any case, try launching the game with admin rights. Compatibility mode might also be worth a try.


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      I'll mention the 64-bit patch runs a lot faster on my computer than the 32-bit one. The bad thing about the patch is that it keeps all errors and crashes silent without a window.


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        In have found the solution and it no longer crashes silent or gibbels the display. I manually edited the ut2004-win64.ini and changed the display resolutions to 1440x900 the native display resolution for my monitor. I have played for hours without the 64 bit patch crashing. and yes it plays much faster according to fraps 32 bit=82 frames a second 64bit= 119


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          I would avoid using the 64 bit executable, the subsystems it uses are dodgy at best. On one computer it runs 10-20 fps faster than the 32 bit copy, but does not support dynamic lighting, additionally pitch changes in sounds are broken, this is most noticeable in vehicles where the running sound is constant. On another computer the 64 bit client runs at approximately the same speed, but no sound can be heard. On a third computer it can not display cubemaps, nor does the sound work properly.
          The direct 3d9 mode is no more efficient at rendering than direct3d8, and often does not support all of unreal's intended graphical features. Additionally when running the 64 bit client you are forced to use openal audio, in 32 bit you are given the choice of multiple audio modes.

          You can achieve the same performance running unreal in 32 bit, by disabling portions of the audio and video subsystems that are not supported in the 64 bit version.

          The only advice I see that makes sense as far as squeezing more performance out of ut2004 on modern computers is running a dedicated server and a client on the same computer and joining through lan, allowing gameplay to be executed on one core, and rendering executed on another. It does however take a little more know how to set up than simply clicking instant action.