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Per-pixel Shading on UT2K3 Engine?

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  • Per-pixel Shading on UT2K3 Engine?

    Does Unreal Tournament 2003 has support for per-pixel lighting? or do i've to use the Splinter Cell like lighting? (Projected Lighting), 'couse i'm on the middle of something and Per-Pixel Lighting is exactly what i need.

    If UT2K3 engine supports it, can please someone tells me how to use it?

    Thanks in advance

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    So... this means that absolutely nobody knows it?
    C'mon guys, i REALLY need a hand with this, it's very important.



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      IF you mean real-time lighting like DOOM III has then the answer is no. I don't know if Epic has an advanced engine in the making that does support it, but i don't think so. As far as i know only DOOM III has it and that is because it doesn't have big outdoor maps like UT2003 has.


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        Just as i thought.
        That's too bad, 'couse it's seems to be that the only 'acceptable' real-time lighting that the engine supports are the Projected Lights. The quality is pretty good, but there is a little problem... this lights consume too much resources :/

        Well... i'll try to find a way to do what i want

        Thanks anyway