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How to change weapon preference?

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  • How to change weapon preference?

    In UT2004 there is an option to automatically switch to a better weapon when it is picked up.
    Is it possible to change which weapons you switch to when you pick them up?

    For example, the weapon I use most is the Flak Cannon. But it happens a lot that I kill someone holding a Rocket Launcher and pick it up, and because the game sees that as a better weapon, it automatically switches to that one. Usually this leaves me unable to fire while I am switching weapons, and most of the time ends up with me being killed because I couldn't shoot back.

    So I'd like to make the game see the Flak Cannon as a better weapon than the Rocket Launcher to prevent this from happening (as well as some other weapons).
    Is there any way these settings can be changed?

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    If I recall correctly, if you press g (by default), it will switch to the best weapon you have in your inventory. The best weapon can be defined in the weapon list. Just go to the settings and change the order of all weapons as you please.


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      Exactly what I was looking for.
      I always thought the only thing you could change in the weapon list was the crosshair.