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How to get UT2004 on Mac OS X Lion..Limited!

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    How to get UT2004 on Mac OS X Lion..Limited!

    Ok, here's the skinny on UT2004 and Mac OS X Lion.

    1. If you're on Snow Leopard and do the upgrade to Lion directly over SL, the UT2004 will continue to work. This presumes you already had UT2004 installed.

    2. If you blank your drive and do a fresh install of Lion and attempt to install UT2004, you won't be successful since the installer is PowerPC based. The universal patch will let the game itself work on Intel, but unfortunately, the installer is Rosetta based. The patch can only be applied after the install and in Lion, you won't get that far since you can't install it.

    3. Solution.
    a. If you're on Snow Leopard and want to do a fresh install of Lion, copy the entire UT 2004 application out of the Application folder to an external drive. Looking at needing about 6-7 gigs of space. Make sure you have the 3369 patch already installed. Copy/Paste it. Once you wipe out SL and install Lion on a reformatted drive, simply copy/paste the app back into the Application folder. Works like before.

    b. If you are starting fresh with a Lion OS and no prior Snow Leopard, then at this point, your option is to find a friend with Snow Leopard and do an install long enough to get it to an external drive OR you are simply out of luck. Hopefully Epic Games will create an Intel Installer since the game DOES work in Lion once it gets there.

    c. Buy an external drive and put OS X Snow Leopard on it and run your Rosetta/PowerPC apps from that...including UT2004.

    Hope this helps....

    Just to update, this process works for Mavericks as well. And I'll add how much smoother the game plays in it.

    If Epic would put this the in Mac App store, they'd sell a few for sure. Still one of the best FPS for the Mac platform.