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Graphical Performance Problems

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  • Graphical Performance Problems


    I've been having system problems for a LONG time. Since I bought it, I've returned the system 5 times because after 1-2 months of playing, graphical performance dropped.

    Here's what they did:

    - 2 times graphical card was replaced
    - 1 time card's fan was oiled
    - 1 time Deinstalling Application Accelerator (which they installed in the first place, according to them, it overloaded the card)
    - 1 time they installed 43.51 WHQL drivers and uninstalled a Windows update that slowed the PC down (they said the other non WHQL-drivers were bad and were just BETA drivers, even though official drivers, they were to be considered BETA).

    Now I installed:

    Windows XP Home Edition
    Installed modem and updated modem software, modem is USB
    Flashed my BIOS just now to latest version
    Installed Intel 845E chipset drivers from
    Installed Detonator 43.51 WHQL drivers
    Installed SB 1024 Live! drivers from
    Install UT2k3 (since I did a fresh install of the entire system)

    And I again get messy graphics as soon as I start playing. I do notice that when I run those benchmarks rom UT2k3, I don't detect any performance slowdowns abnd the result are fine.

    Botmatch: 8.906816 / 41.429192 / 82.315048 fps -- Score = 41.450294 rand[8927]

    Flyby: 54.792767 / 121.428185 / 486.231018 fps -- Score = 121.489708 rand[7524]


    - Chieftec Dragon Workstation Std. Wit (colour), 300W
    - Epox 4BEA, S-478, i845E, 3x DDR, 6 Ch-Audio, USB2.0 (Audio turned off in BIOS, since I got a seperate soundcard)
    - Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz, 400 Mhz, S-478. 512 kb, Box
    - IBM Deskstar 120GXP, 80 Gb, IDE, 7200 rpm U-ATA100
    - ASUS V8420 GeForce Yi4200, 128MB, DVI, TV-out
    - Kingston Dimm 512 Mb DDR Sdram PC2100 CAS2
    - Lite-On DVD Rom
    - Lite-On CD-Rewriter
    - Sony Disdriver 1.44 MB

    Windows XP Home Edition installed, SP1 Edition

    Installed latest Flash Update from

    Only difference I could detect was a seperate USB 2.0 Controler, besides the regular one. Turning it off/on didn't make a difference. I can't turn the other one off, since only running that 2.0 controler somehow can't work, because it turns off my mosue and modem support.

    Only things I could detect, was USB controlers are on the same IRQ-port as my sound AND videocard, turning off the one that disabled my mouse, was one on IRQ 11, my videocard, so my mouse AND videocard are on the same IRQ. Dunno if that causes prolems, but when putting it on PS/2 don't make a difference.

    Any assistance would be lovely, since I'm out of options and it's really frustrating. I am no expert on Software/OS/Hardware and apparently my supplier don't know what to do either.

    Besides what's been done above:

    - Cleaned fan videcard, no dust
    - Added extra cooler
    - Playing with rig open/closed makes no difference
    - Installed NO Windows Updates, they're all slowing it down too much. Also they're all security updates anyway.
    - Slowdown is in games in general, not UT2k3 related.
    - Every time after I got my rig back, it worked properly for 2 months straight, strange!!! After that problems did arise again .... rig got back, worked ok for 2 months etc .... except this time, slowdown after one day.



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    Did some testing:

    - Flashing BIOS didn't do anything in perticular

    I'm considering the following, since I don't really think it's a driver problem:

    - Oiling the Video Fan, I read a few posts on forums and a lot went into the crappy fans that got delivered with some cards. I dunno where exactly to oil it, anyone got pictures?
    (I think myself the reason my videocard worked good 2 months straight after its return, is because they themselves oiled it too)
    - To make sure IRQ is no issue, turn off ACPI and set the driver to 'Standard PC' which will result in more seperate IRQs, so my USB mouse (controler) and the videocard aren't on the same IRQ
    - If this may give nothing, try out a different card before taking this one back

    If I oil it, how long do I have to wait until I can use it?