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messy graphics with scope

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  • messy graphics with scope

    Hi Guys,

    Dunno if anyone else has this problem, i have recently installed ut 2003 and it runs like a dream, graphics are great, game play is great, however whenever i look through the scope on a sniper rifle i get piss poor graphics, lots of lines appear horizonitly making it difficult to see some things. At first i thought this was an effect, giving me the impression that i am looking through an electronic scope, however i have now come to the conclusion that i must have a problem cause it looks awful and renders the scope just about usless.

    anyone got any ideas how i can sort this out


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    ok there ae some stripes planned as effect.... give you a link where you see how this is planned (it's in fact from ut2004 because I didn't find another one but afaik it's the same effect)

    so watch this and see if it's the same for you... if yes everythings ok if no tell the differences


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      hi, thx for the link, however i cant open it to see the screen shot, get a forbidden message, telling me i dont have permission to access file? any ideas


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        Just go here, you can see that and the rest of the new UT2004 screenshots from there:
        Beyond Unreal


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          thx alot....looks like its in the thx for clearing that up for me guys


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            No problem