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Mac UT2003 Running Mods that Require UT2003.ini (help)

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  • Mac UT2003 Running Mods that Require UT2003.ini (help)

    There are some very good mods out there for UT2003. However a fair number of them require the UT2003.ini which is absent and not used in the Mac OSX version. I am hopping that someone out there has found a way to run mods like these. In perticular the "BullSh(i)t" Bot Actor mod.

    Any help would be great

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    Why not copying a 'UT2003.ini' file from a PC user and put it where the game is installed on the Mac ( '...ut2003\system\' in Mac's? ). Even if the game doesn't use it the mutators will.


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      I'll give it a try. It didn't work. This mod requires a file to be started at startup and does not go with a mutator. But thanks for the suggestion


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        are you sure mods are for the MAC version also ?


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          It should seem that they would be universal. I have used windows mods on my Mac version before but these required no file to be started at startup (ex. King of the Hill, Deathball). And I have yet to find any "pure mac" mods, mutators, or updates.


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            osx ut.ini

            the file does exist:
            "user"/library/application Support/unreal tournament 2003/system/ut2003.ini
            unfortunatly my know-how isn't advanced enough to manualy install a mod like faceoff. someone done this before on a mac?