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Problems configuring controls

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  • Problems configuring controls

    I just reinstalled UT2003 after a while, installed the patches and bonus packs, but whenever I try and reconfigure the controls to my liking, the changes never save. When I go back to to controls, they've always reverted back to default.

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    1. do they actually work ingame although the settings menu says other keys? or don't they?

    2. if they don't try deleting (or renaming) user.ini .. maybe it helps..

    3. if this doen't you can atleast configure controls directly through the ini....


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      Actually it happens to me as well. Say I change some keys in the menu and they work in game. If I go back to the menu some keys get back to the default ones (altough the ones I chose are still working). Another thing I've noticed the other day is that I had a password to enter my server when hosting but in that day I deleted it for someone else to get in. The problem is that the damn password didn't come out (it was already clear in the settings). The only way to remove it was to delete it directly in the ini file. It must be some small bug in 2225 patch or something. hmmm, I wonder if making an external program to configure and probably launch UT2003 would be a nice idea, setting other stuff like custom x-hairs and things not possible inside the game...


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        Yes it is not uncommon it happens to me and my pals. I have often thought that you need to change the contols in some sort of sequence to get the controls to stay but have not figured it out yet. I think there should be a button that we can press to save settings.


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          check to make sure your attributes for the user .ini file are not set to read only. if they are uncheck the read only box.


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            Has anyone found a solution to this?
            A friend of mine needs help.


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              When he alters the ini directly and saves it gets changed back as soon as he starts UT2003.

              When he alter the settings ingame it works but as soon as he reconnects or restarts it changes back.

              He has Formatted the HD and reinstalled UT2003 inbetween.

              Latest patch.

              Im clueless here


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                I don't know exactly what is causing this problem, but a work around solution would be to manually edit the user.ini file then make it " read only " when you save it.
                just make sure that all the controls are set the way you want them before you change the attribute .