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Ut 2k3 troubles

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    Ut 2k3 troubles

    well i kinda got over the negative delta time thing, though not really i tried that alt tab affitate thing that i saw and it's fine if i can catch it early before the game starts. but when i close down the game and try to get back into it again i have to do the affitate thing all over again trying to get it before the game actuly starts. so any better ideas about how to get around the negeative delta time?

    and then surprise i get this general protection fault

    UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2002-09-19_17.26]

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2212 MHz with 2046MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT (6371)

    General protection fault!

    History: UObject::ProcessEvent <- (Tab_MapVoteMain Package.InteractionMaster.GUIController.GUITabCont rol.Tab_MapVoteMain, Function MapVote400b11.Tab_MapVoteMain.Timer) <- UGUIPage::UpdateTimers <- UInteractionMaster::MasterProcessTick <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=3) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

    now i got both this coming up when we have a map switch. and negative delta time coming up as soon as the game starts. so more of less people say to not bother with it anymore and throw it out. but i wouldn't want to if there was some way to get the game working like the way it had before.

    and to make this sweeter, is there anyway that a vid card to mess around with the game. like when it was working fine on my other comp it had a smaller vid card, but now that i have a 8500 card the game has been having trouble now with both. can anyone help with both?.

    when also opening the game it moves really really fast, and when laoding it starts before it hits 100%. then when i get into the game it's very very laggy and you get that kinda jumpyness, playing or specing. now this is of course online if that offects this helping topic.


      With affinity, you can set it with a batch file. Create one like this:
      start /affinity 1 "P:\ath\to\your\UT2003\System\UT2003.exe"
      Of course, change the path to an actual one. If you keep the batch in System, then you won't even need the path, only leave in UT2003.exe.

      For that second error, what does the log say? Upload it to
      And yes, the card does matter. Actually, not the card itself, but the drivers. You might try reverting the drivers to older ones or updating them if an update is possible and see what happens.


        I'd recommend the affinity method mentioned. UT99 and UT2003 are known for their hatred of multi-core processors, so sometimes it'll work well with one, sometimes it won't.

        Negative delta time I believe would actually be the game trying to work backwards, giving an error, and it's also a multi-core issue. I'd also try using Compatibility Mode and setting it to work as it would with an older operating system--doesn't always work because Windows doesn't always work, though it's certainly worth a shot.

        And of course, updating your drivers is never a bad thing either. (Unless you have to revert, hehe.) I'd try the other stuff first though...