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    unreal problems

    hey i have had have unreal for 4 years but the last year i am having good ping but it jumps all the time especialy when i fight die and allso when i come to life again i had here teqnichens of the internet but they couldnt solve the poroblem i didnt see it happen with other games
    i am an addict of unreal and it drives me crazy!!
    hope ull help me
    ty !
    my specs:

    CPU: p4c 3.0Ghz HT Oced To 3.6Ghz.
    MB: Asus P4C800-E I875P.
    RAM: 2x512mb Kingston HyperX PC3200.
    GPU: HiS Radeon X1950 Pro ICEQ3 Turbo 512MB.
    HD: WD Raptor 36GB.
    Sound: Creative Audigy 2.
    PSU: Thermaltake TR2 470W.
    MonitorELL 2407WFP.
    Mouse: Microsoft (Powered By Razer) Habu.

    Windows Xp SP2 with latest Updates.
    Symantec Client Security 3.1.6000.
    cFoSpeed 4.04.1336.
    UT2004 Patch 3369.

    Broadband: ADSL 2x5mb Downstream 512kbx2 Upstream.
    Linksys RV042 (Firmware

    This is a persisting problem for more then a year now and changing isp's cables and other software settings didnt help so far so was hopping someone would have an idea i havent tired yet..

    thanks in advance, [jeeb]mike.isra