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ALSA sound output for Linux?

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  • ALSA sound output for Linux?

    Hi all

    Is there a way to change the sound output from ut2004 to alsa instead of openAL? I´m using the ALSA dmix plugin so I can hear music while playing. But for that I have to change the output to the ALSA dmix plugin.

    Thanks for all the help I can get

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    Here´s a little status update.

    In the UT2004.ini file is this line :
    but I don´t have any idea what to enter to let the game use the ALSA dmix plugin :/


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      My current troubleshooting status: (this might or might not be useful to this thread, but here it is anyway)

      It seems that the only option for UT2k4 is using the openAL sound options. What really is a pain is that openAL will not latch on-to /dev/dsp (or respective device) unless ALSA has first let it go.

      Any kind of system noise (ie: a beep in Konsole) will cause an instance of ALSA to grab the device for x-number-of-seconds, thereby preventing openAL from opening the sound device.

      After some basic research into openAL, it is 'sold' as a cross-platform 3d sound library. It makes sense that the UT developers chose to only develop for that. ALSA support seems like a lost cause.


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        What I did is install the alsa-oss wrapper and then run UT2004 through the aoss command. Like so:

        sudo aptitude install alsa-oss
        aoss /usr/local/games/ut2004/ut2004
        I'm not sure what the dmix plugin is but it sounds really complicated and this is the easiest solution I've found that lets you keep your sound system on ALSA.