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UT2004 Master Server

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  • UT2004 Master Server

    I've been playing UT2004 for a long time and never had a problem. I just re-installed the game, patched it and ran it. The master server cannot produce a list for me. It says try again later.

    I am directly connected to the net (no router). No firewall (except windows and ut2004.exe is listed under exceptions). I have tried changing my IP address 3 times.

    Here's the thing, I can get the IP address of my favorite servers and play them manually by entering the IP into favorites. It even lists under favorites. I still cannot connect to the master server to get the main list.

    So I can play only on servers who's IP address I know of or can find on the web. But I cannot get the master server list. Can anyone help me? I have re-installed the game twice now (once un-installing completely).

    ..edit.. Never mind. It was PeerGuardian blocking everything.

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    good to hear because normally when this happens after a reinstall you have to make sure the server box on settings is checked...since you play ut2004 maybe sometime you can come over to invasion to uft anubus legacy and play with us..we also have tdm server combined now..vampires anonoyous and its real good...My nick is {UFT{slyfox.we play with no mods , transporters etc just pure killing monsters...hard but with time will get you al lot better...