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    I've looked around for a while for some sort of way to e-mail Tech Support or anything for Epic Games, but it turns out this is the closest I have come.

    I have a small problem with my UT2004 Demo.

    There was a power outage earlier in the week, then when I tried to load UT later on that day, it didnt work, it just showed the window, and checking Task Manager, the memory usage just build up and up, so I ended the process and re-intalled UT.

    After restarting my computer after installation, I tried to load it up again. This time, it yet again failed to load, but a window popped up explaining this:


    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    Runtime Error!

    Program: C:\UT2004Demo\System\UT2004.exe

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information.


    This naturally puzzled me, so I'm looking for support with this, can anybody help? It would be greatly appreciated

    Please and Thank You

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    Was the computer on when the power went out?


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      Try deleting ut2004.ini and user.ini. Back up them first.


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        Originally posted by Spaz View Post
        Was the computer on when the power went out?
        Ummmm.... obviously.....

        And where would unreal.ini and user.ini be located?

        Thanks guys


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          in the ut2004/system folder


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            just curious, how would that help?


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              Sometime when ut2004 crash - didn't close normal.

              There will not be written to the ini file....That's mean the ini
              is emty or damage....(

              New one will be written when you start the game....


              It's a good trick allway's to delete ini's before start reinstalling the game.
              It solve many problem.

              Btw...StrikeForce Roxor......



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                Something similar happened to me once, only it was a hardrive that came unplugged rather then the power going out.

                It corrupted the .ini file so I had to delete it and make a new one.

                Try opening up prefs.ini and ut2004.ini and see if they look blank/obviously corrupted. If they are then just deleting them should fix it. If not then UT2004 probably got corrupted and needs reinstalled.


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                  yah the ini files look normal, i have tried re-installing it multiple times. It might help if i stress this particularily - I have the Unreal Tournament 2004 DEMO. I am seriously considering getting off my ass and buying the full version, but if this can be fixed, i would rather it be fixed.


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                    [quote=-}SOA{-Time2Die;24738080]Ummmm.... obviously...../quote]

                    Then obviously your system has corrupt files beyond the game.


                    • #11
                      Reinstall the Runtime files mentioned in the error.