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Random lag in UT2004 online play. Graphics related?

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    Random lag in UT2004 online play. Graphics related?

    Since about a week ago, whenever and wherever I play online in UT2004, every 15secs - 2mins I experience a period of lag where everyone around me keeps running in a straight line, I can't see my own ammo when I fire and suddenly I start appearing in different places near to where I am. The lag usually only lasts about 5 to 10 secs but that can make all the difference and it's really annoying . It doesn't occur in single player games and only happens in UT2004. Packet loss perhaps?

    My specs are as follows:
    Windows XP
    AMD64 4200X2 @ 2.2Ghz
    2x1GB PC3200 unlabeled cheapy RAM @ 400Mhz
    PCI-e XFX 6800 GS XXX 256MB @ 485Mhz/1.1Ghz
    Internet through 802.11g USB WLAN

    I'm not completely sure if it's related, but when I run "stat fps" I either get a stupidly high recorded framerate of about 400000:

    or I get a quick alternation of FPS between 150 and 0 and an average of usually about 5.

    So the first thing I tried was disabling all ingame eye-candy and running at 800x600. I then tried swapping my cheap RAM with the Kingston 1GB module from my old PC. I installed a few other versions of ForceWare and even played around with the advanced performance and quality settings. Yet none of this had any effect .

    I have searched and searched for an answer to this problem, but it seems I am the only one experiencing it . I just hope maybe someone here has heard of it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Fixed. Low ADSL line attenuation was causing low speeds and packet loss.. *sigh*

    I have the same problem. Please explain what did you do to your ADSL, I didn't quite get it.


      I have the same problem. Please explain what did you do to your ADSL, I didn't quite get it.
      Second that. I have a friend who could really use that.


        Seems to be solved now. Got some adware **** in comp, Spybot S&D fixed it.


          As for the framerate issue, when ut2004 is running go into Task Manager and set the affinity on UT2004.exe to only run on one CPU (core). I believe there are some programs around that will make the affinity stick (otherwise you have to set it each time).

          For example,


            Thanks a lot, Nereid. That was getting really annoying
            I fixed the lag issue by moving my ADSL router downstairs, gaining about 10m on the phone line. I live quite far away from my exchange, so I only get 576k on my 2 meg line. The lag was occurring when there were more people on in the evenings. Moving the router seemed to fix it for now though,