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UT Questions Megathread [WIP]

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    UT Questions Megathread [WIP]

    I came up with the idea of this thread primarily to list as many technical problems as possible, along with the solutions and the source of the solutions. (Credit where credit's due of course) But now I've decided to expand it to cover as much as possible.

    For the beginners: – Mystikal's beginner's guide.


    Animated Gifs
    Simple Movies
    Advanced Movies

    Manual Cache Extraction
    UT2004 Profiles
    Video Compression

    Ued Sound Extraction
    Change DemoRec Tickrate
    Fix Framerate with VirtualDub
    Extract UMOD Files Manually
    Fix Framerate of Movies

    All of the above tutorials were made by Evil<3


    First and foremost, my own personal tip to save faffing about when you have to reinstall Windows.
    1. If you only have 1 hard drive, partition it before installing Windows, one for the Operating System, and the other for programs and games.
    2. After installing UT2004 to your games partition (or drive) and installing the patches etc, go to Start, Run and type in “regedit”. (without the quote marks) Then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Unreal Technology, right click on the folder, and export the registry entry to a .reg file, then put it somewhere you won't lose it. (your UT2004 folder perhaps)
    3. Now, if you have to reinstall Windows, you don't have to go through the trouble of reinstalling UT2004, just run the .reg file to merge it with the registry.
    I also advise re-backing up your registry entry each time a new patch comes out, so it's up to date with the latest patch.

    And there's always the fail-safe called Spaz's registry fixer (Note: Read the instructions for this, because it requires a few other files to function properly)

    UT2003 won't work with my dual core processor
    This is one that's been popping up around the forum lately, and there IS a fix! I can't remember who I found this solution off, so apologies for the lack of credit for this one.

    Problem: I keep getting GPFs when I try to run UT2003 with my dual core processor.
    Solution: Right click on your UT003 shortcut and go to properties, select the compatibility tab at the top and change the compatibility mode to Windows 98.

    When I try to install the game, it keeps failing on certain files
    I came across the solution to this one a long time ago, a good 8 or 9 months, so I really have no idea where I found this.
    Originally posted by LordJaffa
    Make a folder, just try not to name it the same as the one you are going to install the game to.
    Secondly, make 6 folders, and name them each CD1, CD2 all the way to CD6. (unless you have the ECE pack, then do it to CD 10)
    Thirdly: copy all the CDs to their respective folders so you have the entire UT2004 CD set on your hard drive.
    Move setup.exe from the CD1 folder to the main folder that contains all the CD folders.

    Run setup.exe and in theory, you should be able to install the game error free

    I get a general protection fault and the game crashes
    This one's a little trickier and requires a bit of effort on the user's side, as 99% of the time, one GPF is completely different to another.
    Firstly, delete the contents of the Cache folder in the main UT2004 directory.
    Quite often, GPFs mention certain files that caused the crash, sometimes mod files, maps, or textures. Delete the mentioned files (some may have just been in the Cache folder) and any related files (such as removing the entire mod if one of the related files caused the crash) and if you desperately need the mod or map, then download it again (ideally from a different site to where the original was downloaded from) and reinstall.
    Credit for this I do believe goes to Mystikal, but don't blame him if it doesn't fix the problem, GPFs can be from many things..

    Ok, so at the moment I can't think of any more frequently asked technical problems that relate solely to UT.. But if anyone can find some that can contribute, then please go ahead and I'll edit it in and give credit.

    For the greater good of the community!



      Uber kick! I'm not letting my baby be beaten by Mystikal's thread! This one has way more information!