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ArenaMaster / ArenaMaster Team on Server

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    ArenaMaster / ArenaMaster Team on Server


    this mod makes really fun, BUT :

    1. Everybody can access the Adminmenu during the game and restart the map .. (home key)

    2. It crashes Webadmin, no mapvoting can be configured

    Is this something known, especially point number one ?

    Make sure you have the latest version, 2.52.

    1) Everyone can access the admin menu, but unless they are logged in as admin none of their changes will stay. I'm not sure about the map reset button, but I'm fairly sure its the same way.

    2) I have not seen it crash webadmin, but it doesn't mean it never happens. Just doesn't happen to me. I'm not quite sure what all you want to configure for mapvoting. I was running it along with a couple other gametypes for a while and the mapvoting was configured the way it needed to be.


      No problems with Webmin here either, {GOG}R4d4 is correct, unless they are logged in as admin, they can't change a thing.

      My current vote lines for the games in standard mapvote are -

      GameConfig=(GameClass="3SPNv252.LMS_Game_3SPN",Pre fix="DM",Acronym="DM",GameName="Arena Master",Mutators="TA100.MutTalkingIcon,VAS_SaveToS erver.VAS_SaveToServer",Options=)
      GameConfig=(GameClass="3SPNv252.TDM_Game_3SPN",Pre fix="DM",Acronym="TDM",GameName="Team Arena Master",Mutators="TA100.MutTalkingIcon,VAS_SaveToS erver.VAS_SaveToServer",Options=)

      hope those help.


        VERY strange indeed