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    Most Common Mutators

    Most Common Mutators & What they do

    Works in both UT2003 and UT2004.

    This mutator places a limit on the time a server will wait for players to click ready if 'players must be ready' is enabled. If all players are not ready when the time limit is reached then the game is started anyway. This prevents players from disrupting a game by joining the server and then idling.

    The amount of time to wait in seconds can be adjusted in WaitLimit.ini, the default being 45 seconds. There is no need to add the mutator to the ServerPackages list as it is completely server-side.

    This mutator is on the UT2004 mutator whitelist and so a server running this mutator can still show up as a standard server in the UT2004 server browser.



    Used in conjunction with UT2Vote. UTExtra is basically the BrightSkins, NoWeaponShake and HitSounds that were removed from UT2Vote for Whitelisting. Adding UTextra will remove your server from the whitelist.



    Full time serverside DemoRec. Lots of configurations available.



    Adds many options for an admin.
    -silent admin login
    -team balance
    -custom messages
    -chat logging/filtering
    -punishment (slap, slay, freeze, etc)
    -reserved slots
    -ping limit
    -much more

    Download (I built this from 95b system files, but only had v95 help and ini text. Should work okay though)


    Zound will say triggered words from the players chat line



    A Voting mutator for UT2004
    -Over 50 Games can be configured and over 50 odd Mutators. Clan Match and Warmup options also available with Game Setup options. Extensive Admin options are now also available to configure each Game seperately.


    Many questions about server specs/bandwidth, etc answered here:

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  • Please read this first. Most questions answered here

    Before you ask, check here first. Unreal Admin tutorials:

    What is the whitelist?
    Mods and or Mutators which you may run on your server which will not exclude it from being a "standard" server.

    How do I know what is on the whitelist?

    What is UTAN?

    This is a work in progress. Please visit this thread to add your suggestions and FAQs

    Patches and Essential Downloads

    Free Dedicated Server Download (W32)

    Server guide, setup and explanations
    very good and time proved server configuration guide: here
    Detailed and basic explanations of server important settings included.

    ( 1. Introduction
    2. Internet basics
    3. Basic UT stats and settings
    4. Advanced stats
    5. Server configuration
    6. Advanced netcode )

    Server ini Generator, which helps beginner and advanced configuration on one click

    A Runserver.bat generator (for Windows) which helps in creating a batch file to start the server with basic settings

    A generator (for Linux) which helps in creating a shell file to start the server with basic settings