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Automatic Chat Message ?

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    Automatic Chat Message ?

    Is there a mut where I can setup automatic chat messages at certain time ? Like at the start of a match, in the middle and at the end ?

    uadmin will post messages at set time intervals...if you only play a timed game then you could probably work it out that way..(not sure if there is a limit to the is in seconds)

    serverext also displays messages..can't remember how the timing is though..likely seconds also..


      Yeah, as I already said in another thread, it would be kewl to play a certain sound during the voting menu.

      I though if I can trigger the sound with a message like

      >say blabla

      it would be a workaround. Seconds, fine. Could calculate the second, BUT as you said. Question is, what happens for example when the score limit is reached before the time expires ...?!?

      Any other suggestions my holy fellas ?


        well..and these aren't actually chat they wouldn't trigger any zounds.. didn't know what you were trying to do..


          ...trying to find a walkaround

          Yeah, should have been more precise ...

          But hey, sometime it is just easy