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UT2Vote and RO/UT2004

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  • UT2Vote and RO/UT2004

    We rent a dedicated server, but the company that we rent from uses a custom script for the command line and we do not have access to it. We can modify the command line by requests, but everything goes through the server company's hands. I know about the way to have UT2004 and RO run on the same machine and using multipe batch files, but that is not an option for us because of the way the server company runs their servers. Is there any other way to get this to work? What about UTVote and adding RO as a votable game type? Thanks.

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    ut2vote should actaully help your situation. Just have UT2vote in your commandline. Then you simply modify your ut2vote.ini file to add cutoms mutators or commandline changes. This way you can make these changes yourself without waiting for them to make them.

    This assumes you have stop/start and ftp access.


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      Exactly as Frogger said.. I'm in the same boat with my servers. Additionally, support for them is only available 8 hours a day and not at all over a weekend! If you have the minimum access as above, UT2Vote really lets you take charge of the server.


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        Thanks for the responses...will the fact that RO is a total conversion mod make a difference? It doesnt actually start up the same as the other mods does it?


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          That's actually a message from me that MysticWolf posted. We're in the same clan. The main hurdle I see is that Red Orchestra has it's own batch file for start up. How would one add necessary lines to the 'ServerLine=?' in the UT2Vote.ini for RO to start up?


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            DefServerName=The Official -=Red Orchestra Server=-

            GameType=(GameName="Red Orchestra",HideVote=False,Clan=True,RequiredPlayer s=2,MapLim its=0,ServerName="None",UseMapList=False,DefaultMa p="RO-MoscowHighway",MapPrefix="RO",GameClass="ROGame.RO TeamGame",Mutators="DummyMut.DummyMutM",Commands=" ?MaxLives=0?GoalScore=50?TimeLimit=20?MinPlayers=2 ?MaxPlayers=20?MaxSpectators=2?Translocator=False? Weaponstay=True?BalanceTeams=True?ForceRespawn=Fal se?PlayersMustBeReady=False?Difficulty=5?GameStats =False?GameSpeed=1.00?FF=0?NoOverTime=False?VsBots =False?NumBots=3")

            Packages=(MutClassName="DummyMut.DummyMutM",Server Packages="ROEffects,ROGame,ROWeapons,ROInterface,R OMisc,RORoles,ROVehicles")

            That'll pretty much do it.

            I put my RO.ini in the Ut2004\system dir and then the paths for RO are to be added to the ini:

            Paths=../Red Orchestra/Maps/*.Ut2

            etc., etc.

            I works flawlessly for me. If you need more help, I can get you my full ini's and command line tonight. Just let me know.

            BTW, server is offline. No players, so I shut it down.


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              Thanks, we'll try it out.