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    Time for some popcorn, and UAdminModv100


      Originally posted by shov3l
      lmao this is getting good now :up:
      This is better than watching OZ on HBO!


        Where can I get .095? I got .090 and I didn't even notic there was an update.

        Please Link me

        ~Death Dream~


          Originally posted by Death Dream
          Where can I get .095? I got .090 and I didn't even notic there was an update.

          Please Link me

          ~Death Dream~
          Check your PM.


            May be a dead project, but it had great potential. We'd still use it if it wouldn't kill people in non-teamgames by trying to balance teams anyways. I talked with him shortly before he took his new website offline and he was anxious to work on it but had a lot going on it seemed. I think he spread himself too thin with the new version, trying to add 20 things and fix 30 other bugs from the last version. Coders need some kind of reward to keep going, even if it's just seeing everyone love their work. I don't think he had much of a support community to make it feel like his time spent on things was worth the effort.

            Although all the source was stripped out of any of his mods I can find, there was enough for me to follow to get started on a few things of my own. Althought completely different in code, the "ideas" were not my own. I was able to create a freeze, vomit, kill, ressurect, slap, and control commands with tips from his code. Not a big fan of the AdminPlus stuff, but I know that guy looked in the uadmin code for any tips he could get (just see the AdminPlus Thread).

            Thanks for your work T-Bone, and if you come back around, I'd love to seem some of the source code. If you want to pickup sometime, I created a complete gui menu similar to the "Speech Menu" to do admin commands, summon monsters, vehicles, weapons and it brings the playernames in the gui so you don't have to hit anything outside the numberkeys or your mousewheel. I know adding a gui was a big thing on your to-do list and I don't mind sending you the source.


              good job

              When you are return ... i love to see the version 100

              i running uadmin from long time ago

              see you later


                hey bush, u think i could try out ur mutator? the "resurect" sounds interesting...

                plz PM me about this


                  Originally posted by poltomb
                  hey bush, u think i could try out ur mutator? the "resurect" sounds interesting...
                  You can get the current one at

                  Here is a summary of the stuff in it. If you have any trouble with it, post on's forums and I'll reply shortly. Keep in mind, we're an RPG server and use DruidsRPG, but you can still run my mutator without adding any of the RPG stuff, just make sure you make a "bushbombsRPG.ini" file with the admin's cd-key hashes. Directions are included in the rar file.

                  Summon Charm: summons up to 2 regular invasion monsters, does not break.

                  Enhanced Summon Charm: summons Top end invasion monsters (ie: Warlord), breaks upon use.

                  Special Summon Charm: summons various INV2k3 monsters, takes 100 adren, breaks upon use.

                  Drone Summon Charm: summons star wars drones, takes 100 adren, breaks upon use. Over level 75 get 1 drone, 50 - 74 get 2, 25 - 49 get 3, and level 24 and under get 4 drones from using the charm one time.

                  Vehicle Charm: summons a random vehicle for your driving pleasure.

                  Dual Magic Weapon Maker Charm: changes your current weapon in to a random "Dual" modified weapon. For instance, a Flak cannon may be used with the charm to get a "Healing Flak Cannon of Protection +3" or a "Lucky Flak Cannon of Energy +3". The charm only appears in invasion and breaks upon use. See below for a list of dual modified weapons.

                  Teleport charm causes player to drop flag instead of using it as a way to "translocate" with the flag.

                  Denial Skill changes: In PvP only, the denial skill level 2 will not keep knockback, null, or freezing weapons.

                  Loaded Skill changes: Duplicate weapons have been fixed and now loaded effects your shield, assault, and trans (if you got one). Also Level 3+ gives you dual assault rifles.

                  Retaliation Skill changes: In PvP only, retaliation does half it's normal strikeback to players, and it does not function while in a vehicle.

                  Lightfoot Weapon Modifier: Similar to the powerjump ability, each + is the same as 1 level of powerjump. You also receive a % of ironlegs so that you do not get hurt when landing from the higher jumping. This modifier goes from Heavyfoot -5 to Lightfoot +5.

                  Potato Guns added, must be given out by admins, for Thursday Nights.

                  Dual Modified Weapons:

                  Admins only below, most commands are in a menu, so you don't have to
                  remember anything except the semicolon key............................
                  ************************************************** ********************
                  *********************** SUMMARY *************************************
                  ************************************************** ********************

                  Admin ************************************************** **************
                  slap, kill, vomit, unvomit, freeze, control, ressurect, gravity,
                  vehicle, unvehicle, ghost, unghost

                  AdminPlus ************************************************** **********
                  Everything else except the AdminMaster items

                  AdminMaster ************************************************** ********

                  Command Line ************************************************** *******
                  mutate slap player - Smack them doing 1 damage
                  mutate kill player - Kills them w/ a deemer explosion
                  mutate vomit player - they drop everything and cannot pick up anything
                  mutate unvomit player - they can pick stuff up again
                  mutate freeze player - frozen for 30 sec, can't teleport or trans
                  mutate control player - you control their player, no weapons yet
                  mutate ressurect player - bring them back to life, any gametype
                  mutate gravity # - change gravity
                  mutate breakwaves # - keep monsters between waves
                  mutate vehicle type player scale - make a vehicle
                  mutate unvehicle player - destroy their vehicle
                  mutate ghost player - go through walls, cannot be hit
                  mutate unghost player - return to normal
                  mutate randomme - random modifier on current weapon
                  mutate shockme - vorpal shock 10
                  mutate minime - null mini 6
                  mutate sniperme - vorpal sniper 10
                  mutate flakme - knockback flak 6
                  mutate lightme - poison light 4
                  mutate linkme - inf link 4
                  mutate rocketme - healing rocket 3
                  mutate uncharmme - remove all charms
                  mutate charmme charm - give me a specific charm
                  mutate summon type pet - summon a monster, possibly as a pet
                  mutate adren - full adren
                  mutate shield - 150 shields
                  mutate derby - removes weapons and pets from non-admins and shows name/health for all in vehicles
                  mutate giveall modtype weaptype modamount - give all a weapon
                  mutate give player modtype weaptype modamount - give player a weapon
                  mutate team - change team without dying
                  mutate spawn type respawntime - create an object in-game
                  mutate modtype weaptype modamount - give yourself any weapon
                  mutate last - repeat last command
                  mutate crates x y z x y z zoffset staticmesh - spawns crates in preset structures
                  mutate sm meshname x y z x y z zoffset rotation - spawns staticmeshes
                  mutate exp player amount - Gives a player experience in-game
                  mutate atlasall - Gives everyone an atlas and puts them in it
                  mutate derbystart - puts all players in a circle facing out on SexyBeast derby trucks
                  mutate racestart - puts all players in a grid formation on toilet cars for a race
                  mutate move player formation distance - relocates 1 or all players in a specified formation

                  Semicolon brings up BushMenu to use a GUI for most commands
                  PgUp/PgDn display friendly/enemy names of players in vehicles at any distance


                    thx very much, sounds really awesome...cant wait


                      Make sure you keep silent admin! I love that! I will have my name set to player, and some botter or jackass shows up on the server, and I start whining "im gona get you booted", or "you will be banned for good". Then they laugh and say **** you noob. Then, TEH BAN! Also, where will UAM100 be available for download when it is released? I forgot where I got 095b.