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    UAdminMod100 - Need Input

    Before I say another word, I have some explaining to do...

    I know I dropped off the face of the Earth shortly after the release of UAdminMod095b, and without any notice to the admins using UAM. My deepest apologies. My wife and I became the proud parents of a baby girl (in addition to our son), which required a lot of my time. Obviously, I had planned on this. What I had not planned on was my mother passing away. As the oldest of her 3 children and executor of her estate, I quickly found myself knee-deep in a huge mess. I'm very sorry to leave everyone hanging the way I did, and I hope everyone understands.

    That said, I realize UAdminMod needs a desperate update. I have been out of the loop for some time now, so if everyone could compile a list of bugs in this thread, I will address them ASAP and release UAdminMod100. My goal is to have this completed in the next two weeks. Because of the tight timeframe and the fact that I no longer have my own populated servers to perform extensive testing on, I would prefer to not add any new features. Unless there's something that the community desperately needs, please try to keep your requests limited to bug-fixes.

    To get back into the swing of things, I've rewritten ProZoomInstagib (last version was for UT2003) for UT2004. It's more streamlined and has better features than the UT2003 versions, so anyone who enjoyed the PZIG mutator can look forward to the release of Professional Zoom Instagib: 2005 Edition in the next few days.

    Welcome Back mate



      I'm glad to hear your back,
      But I've had no bugs with UAdminMod95b on my server,



        Originally posted by Lakie

        I'm glad to hear your back,
        But I've had no bugs with UAdminMod95b on my server,

        Glad to hear it! I'll probaby be removing the Silent Admin feature since it's a bit unpredictable, but if anyone has any issues with any other feature, please let me know.


          First of all, thanks for making THE best mod of this type around.

          The only issue I've come across may be due to my own error, but using the reserved nicks never worked for me. It would kick me out, despite having the correct player hash. It's been a while since I tried, though.

          EDIT: I'm not having this issue at all.


            OMG YOUR BACK MAN.:up: Thank goodness I've been holding out waiting for an update.

            ok bugs let me see...

            1.) Team balance seems to act screwy sometimes. Putting everyone on one team and not actually balanceing it, Saying teams are balance and there not even close to being balanced.

            2.) **** i can't remember witch one but there is one command that doesn't work that someone mentioned. **** sorry but i'm sure you'll get lots mroe imput.

            3.) I would luv to see the feature mention about the command that could but all the clan members on one team. But no biggy.

            4.) Some people have complained that it crashes thier server sometimes and they had to remove it. Don't no how they new that but some people said it.

            5.) Congrats on the new baby. And no worries. Thanks again for taking the time to update this. U the man.


              Welcome back! Congrats and deepest sympathies. I know that's weird to say...

              I run this mod on servers of just about every type, DM, TDM, INV, AS, ONS, vCTF, LMS and CTF as well as having put it on some mod types - Red Orchestra, Law Dogs, Check Mate, CarBall and many others that escape me at this point...

              I had a ton of logs with errors, but nothing to do with them, so they were deleted. I'll get more


              Chat filter works sometimes, and sometimes not. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it though. I can certainly try to reproduce the failure and get a server log though.

              I brought this up on the old FragsKill forum and you initially replied:

              When the team balancer switches someone to the other team, you respawn as the previous team's color. So you will be a red player on the blue team. Test it out, you will see. Go into 3rd person and you will be the wrong color. It doesn't affect how the bots react to you or( they still thing you are a teammate even though you're the opposite color) what you can damage. It changes to the correct color when you die and respawn though.


                Thanks for the replies, guys! This is exactly what I'm looking for.

                Thanks for the praise, too... I had considered entering this into the MSUC, but then things happened and I just didn't have the time to polish it.

                But, we'll get it polished regardless. It thrills me that people have found this useful. Most of my mutes I just write to kill time at work, and usually they just serve my own petty interests... so I'm glad that this one has had a positive impact for server admins.

                hmishima, I received your PM... I'll have to get back to you on that. Appreciate it!!!


                  I am very glad that you are back! Sorry for what you had to go through. I had to go through something similar in the past and I do understand. You asked for a list, so here it is. Careful what you ask for! Hehe...

                  AutoAdminLogin=True: does not work in AS gametype, does work in LMS. I don't know about the other game types.

                  If UAMCustomMessages are set to not be in chat (AS server), it works from a server restart & stops displaying the messages after the first map change. If bDspInChat=True the messages always show, but disappear quickly if there is chat being spammed non-stop.

                  UAMBalanceTeam always tries to balance teams in AS even if disabled (major annoyance).

                  UAMMute: I cannot get this to work in any gametype that I have tried (LMS, AS, DM).

                  Chat filter does not work for AS or LMS gametypes. I have not tried the other gametypes.

                  If you need a test server, I'll be happy to lend you a hand. Just email me at:

                  ut2k4 (dot) admin (at) gmail (dot) com


                    This mutator is ownage man. Pure Ownage.

                    The only problem I noticed is that the team balance part of it keeps working even when it's turned off in assault. (as mentioned before).


                      Nice to have you back TBone.
                      Hell we were greatly pressured to add all your stuff to UT2Vote and support it as you dissapeared which is now understandable.
                      So you have just saved us a huge amount of work

                      Nice one on the family addition and sorry about the mum.


                        sweet mother of god..he lives....great to see you explanaitons needed... let me know if you need any testing done this time around.. i'll reply back this evening hopefully with my list of things to look at... great to see you..

                        off the top of my head......the only issue i see now is the text size changes from time to time on the servermessages. Please don't remove silent admin. it is able to be turned off for those that have issues, but I use all the time and flawless.:up:

                        more later...



                          Will donations speed up a new update. I can list a lot of new issues with newer patches


                            Originally posted by Frogger
                            Please don't remove silent admin.
                            Yeah please keep silent admin in there.

                            I've never seen the server admin section so alive!


                              Yeah, ditto on the silent admin login, it works perfect for me in all gametypes with no issues. It would be nice to keep it if possible.