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Help with ChaosUT2 PLEASE ......

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    Help with ChaosUT2 PLEASE ......


    I made already several post about this, but maybe you guys have an idea..

    If I asked already someone, please accept my applogies ... I just donĀ“t no anymore what to do ...

    We have now a new public server which is only for ChaosUT2 (IP tba)....

    Everything was perfect until we installed UT2Vote .....

    We can vote vor everything like DM, iDM and so on ...

    As soon as we going into Duel, we can only chose the weapon once (at the beginning) and then we have to fight with this weapon until the end ...

    Also, the map list is totally empty .. we are not able to vote any other map at all ... The only way is vote for DM, and then back to Duel ...

    Has SOMEONE an idea and / or came already across that problem ?

    Any help is highly appreciated .......

    This thread in the ut2vote forums may be what you need -> (about halfway down)



      Yepp ... all done
      This was the first forum I have looked into ..

      Tried thread in UnrealAdmin, Chaosforum, BeyondUnreal and now here ..

      ****, I cannot be the only one who is trying to do this, am I ?