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    Help with Server

    Good Morning everyone. I run a Ut2004 server and every time I start it up one of the lines in the console is this:

    Warning: MutWorm_w ONS-"anymapname" . MutWorm_w (Function worm2k4.mutworm_w CheckReplacement:008f) Accessed None 'GRI'

    Does anybody have any ideas what this means? I have tried googling this but to no avail.

    I am thinking this might be a problem for people possibly connecting to my server. My server address is
    if anyone wants to try. Thanks in advance.

    It's not that big of a deal, and shouldn't cause any problems for people. I just played a round on the server and all was fine.
    I get those Accessed Nones from WoRM all the time on my server. If your really worried about it tell the guys over at WOD. Thier the ones who created WoRM.
    Heres thier forum link;


      Thanks for the reply Void and the link.