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Strange UT2Vote Behavior

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    Strange UT2Vote Behavior

    Has anyone else noticed this:

    When you add XWeapons.MutNoSuperWeapon as a servermut in UT2Vote47.ini it doesn't work. It (Mutator=MutNoSuperWeapon) will show up in the server broswer and the server information but the deemer and ion painter will still appear.

    Here's my server mut setup line:

    ServerMuts=UT2k3Style.MutUT2k3Style,UTClassic.MutU seLightning,TalkingIcon.MutTalkingIcon,XWeapons.Mu tNoSuperWeapon,UTExtra11.UTExtra

    XWeapons.MutNoSuperWeapon doesn't work with this...

    However, when you add mutator=XWeapons.MutNoSuperWeapon to each individual gametype, MutNoSuperWeapon will show up in the server browser / server information and it will work.

    GameType=(GameName="DeathMatch"...",Mutators="XWea pons.MutNoSuperWeapon"...)

    ^^ This works.

    Is this a known issue?

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    All of the other mutators in the servermuts= line work fine.


    Re: Strange UT2Vote Behavior

    Originally posted by SJAndrew

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    I noticed the same problem and used the same solution.


      Hi Guys,
      Wow, this is wierd...
      I looked all over the code and cannot find a reason why its doing this.
      What you can try is as follows:

      1. Set bAltSwitch=False
      If that works, you can leave it as False provided your Log: Server switch level: and your Log: Browse: string in your server logs does not exceed 450 odd characters.

      2. Try adding the Mut to the Mutator list but set HideVote=True
      Mutator=(FriendlyName="No Super Weapons",HideVote=True,MutClassName="XWeapons.MutN oSuperWeapon",Voted=False)


        I will have to give that one a try.

        Here's another strange thing: when you join a server after specing, hitsounds from UTExtra don't work.

        When I disconnect and re-join, they work fine.


          Here's another strange thing: when you join a server after specing, hitsounds from UTExtra don't work.
          Yes, that probably would be the case because hitsounds are only Clientside and Spectators don't have a client class which is only spawned when a player joins a server.


            I assumed this to be the case as I know spec's don't hear hitsounds of other players while specing.

            I also believe this to be the case for DEMO files.

            One other question: is there a way to push the screencap of the map so clients may view a preview of a map in the (so much better than stadard vote) UT2Vote display? I know most custom maps include a screenshot of their map that may be viewed in the UT2Vote preview window. As far as I can tell, the only way to see this preview is when a client has the map installed locally OR is playing it. Once the map has changed, that preview is lost.

            Basically, once the map is 'installed' in cache, is there a way to save the preview? I know many players who can't associate a map with a name and therefore rarely play custom maps. Once I explain over TeamSpeak that ShudderCreek is the one with the snow (or whatever), they're much quicker to vote for it.

            I've been using UT2Vote since the 2003. It's a fantastic mutator; thanks for your hard work.


              LOL yeah I know exactly what you mean and unfortunately there is currently no way to push a preview only as the preview is actually part of the map.
              Each map has a 'MyLevel' where the preview lives.
              It could be a good project for someone to make a mut if possible that pushes a single picture which can identify a custom map

              Once the map has been pushed and is in the users cache the preview should be saved as well although I have never tested this.
              Here again a small program as a project that constantly checks the cache folder, renames the appropriate cached file and moves it to the correct folder.