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Running 2K4 on two cable modems

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    Running 2K4 on two cable modems

    OK, I am experimenting with this. I have successfully served a game on my 2.2 P4 box on two different NICs with two cable modems and two public IP addresses. Players can play on both IPs in the same map same game. Here is the question. Only one IP is listed in the master server game browser when the server is running. However, if I add the other IP as a favorite it can be played on. Does anyone know how I can write a script that I can use to advertise both IPs for the same server. Or can I write a script that once 6 players or so are on one IP interface then the script sends the additional players to the second IP address. I really think this should be added/supported to the Unreal engine. It would allow people like me to host a decent game on 512 kbits worth of bandwidth. I can already host 8 people in an Instagib game with pings of 40-80 for all. This could really be a cool feature for the Unreal engine. If anyone knows any developers and could pass this on to them that would be cool.


    Wow. I`m surprised you got it to work with no latency issues between your two groups. Nice idea.

    I`m going to have to try and experiment with that one. My idea (just to see if I could) was to create a inside subnet -- and NAT everyone through a Cisco 1600 running CEF (i.e. load-balancing per packet across two gateways). I ran across some issues -- =)