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    Co-locating a game server...

    I'm in the middle of putting together a dual opteron server and I was wondering if anyone has any information for a good co-lo to recommend that is reasonable in cost. I have been doing some research and from what I've found most game hosting sites that do co-lo charge about $110.00 a month for only 100GBs. This just doesn't seem like it will be enough to me for a 20 player ons server.

    I was thinking about a webhosting Company that might take game servers would be a good place maybe...

    Check out:

    Web Hosting Talk
    Host Hideout

    Be prepared for sticker shock. Colo will cost you about $25-$40 per 1u of server size and anywhere from $40-$100 per 1Mbit.

    I run a 24 man ONS server and fully loaded it uses about 1.8 Mbit.

    For a cheaper alternative, you may want to look at renting a dedicated server, especially since you do not want to run a 32 man ONS server.



      I've got a host colo'd with The Net Gamer. Very good service.


        Originally posted by 123454321
        I've got a host colo'd with The Net Gamer. Very good service.
        Hmm, they look very promising to me.

        How long have you been with them? I see they have a shared co-lo package and a dedicated co-lo to. What has been your experence with them? What would be a good package to have if i'm going to run 3 UT servers like a 16 Ons, 20 DM, 24 RO server? I guess what Im trying to figure out is which would be the better bandwidth package... 3Mb/s shared co-lo or 3Mb/s dedicated co-lo.

        FYI, If anyone other than 123454321 replies you should read the co-lo FAQ to understand how the shared co-lo works, I know dedicated would be better but I'm looking at $=Mbs here.


          Location? Geographically that is.

          If you`re willing to spend top dollar, try to get a sublet in one of the major POP data centers on either coast (MAE), then you are one hop to everything your heart desires.

          But really, you have to think about your clients, where are they at? Who/What kind of service are they getting? If most of your players are on the west coast, MFN bandwidth (San Jose at XO I think and another location close by) is pretty rockin for a good price. Equinox is top tier, and hence, top dollar -- I wouldn`t even try getting in there.

          Details, details. =D

          EDIT: Oh for reference, I use about 700GB of transfer a week for two 14 player ports under normal load. Check stats at and click on "SCGibs2" for a 7 day or even a 24 hour load. You can see I use about 3.5MB/s on average for 28 players. YMMV... hope this helps.


            NG is located in Kansas City, MO, on Cogent fiber. You can traceroute to to see what your connection would be like. We have the 8 Mbit dedicated package. I think we've been there for about 2 years, and have had maybe 2 unexpected power outages, plus a couple of expected ones when NG upgraded his power and AC. Service is exemplary.

            If you expect to send email from the box, be aware that Cogent's entire netblock is in some anti-spam blacklists. Road Runner won't accept mail from us so I have to bounce it off another server to get it to members connected to RR.

            There was a point when AOL stopped peering with Cogent and connectivity got iffy until other peers were lined up, but that doesn't seem to be a problem now.

            Check NG's colo forum to see what existing users say about it:



              If you don't care where they're located at, give these two a shot. I searched my town (Chicago) to do the same since I'm also building a dual Opteron. I have talked to both these companies so you can trust me on this one.

     gives out 5mbps capped dedicated bandwidth with 1000G monthly transfer for 249.00. 1U form factor (each U is 1.75"). Full tower? Don't even ask since I didn't!

     has the best rates as far I could fetch! 149.00 4U 100mbps (shared) unmetered. This is the one I'm going to go with, but my server will be built late Sep. Perhaps we can keep each other updated if one of us made it before the other.



                You have to be very careful about who you chose. I cannot stress this enough. It might be ok for a website to have some packet loss or high pings, or occasional hiccups. A game server needs a rock solid network. Finding such beasts, and not spending a million dollars is very difficult.

                I'd do some searching on web hosting talk before making any decisions. FDC gets mixed reviews at best.




                As for sharing connections, be careful! Some guys over at WHT were COMPLAINING because FDC pulled them because the were pushing 30-60MBits!!!! How would you like to share that port?

                Find somebody you think might work, and then check out what people are saying about them. You're spending thousands of dollars on a kick-a$$ server. You don't want to ruin that by having a sub-par network.



                  Thank you toxic. This is terrible! Perhaps is still a better choice over FDC.