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Dedicated Mac Server-how's this done??

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    Before I waste a whole bunch of your time

    Let me wait a bit and see if anybody with a mac posts on this thread-it might be a whole lot easier to get the info from somebody who's already doing it Thanks

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    I've never even touched a MAc so I can't help you with anything in that regard. However, I can try to help you work through it on Teamspeak some night. I'm sure we can figure it out.

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    Maybe (probably) I'm just dense but

    I found stuff like this:

    I'm assuming everyone else has UT2K4 simply quit on them when they attempt to host a dedicated server on Mac OS X, as it does me.

    This may be documented elsewhere, but searches on Google, this and other sites failed to turn it up.

    To host a dedicated server on OS X, follow these steps:

    1. Open Terminal
    2. Enter the following incantation (where "[INSTALL_PATH]" = the directory path to where you have UT2K4 installed):

    /[INSTALL_PATH]/Unreal\ Tournament\ 2004\ server "ONS-Torlan?Game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame?bAutoNumBot s=False?NumBots=4" > UT2K4ServerRuntime.log &

    If you exclude "> UT2K4ServerRuntime.log" the server messages will print to the screen. If you exclude "&" the server you won't get the command prompt back in that window - Control-C will kill the UT server if you've left it up in this manner, which can be handy if you don't want to follow the directions below.

    3. If you've included the "&" and made the UT server a background process -- to end the process -- open Activity Monitor and look for "ucc-bin," and select "Quit Process." If you're wise to UNIX and processes, use the process ID that's returned to kill it.

    It's worth noting that, it appears, any variable from the Default.ini could be set if you simply add "&Key=Value" to the portion of the incantation in quotes.

    One could also set a server up as a process that starts when your Mac starts. Lots of options, of course, OS X being a UNIX variant...

    but it didn't really make sense (or work for me). I also checked out the mac specific forum

    and the unreal admin tutorials

    but I didn't find anything simple eough for me to know what they were talking about. I sure appreciate the link but is there anything with more easy-to-understand directions and maybe everything in one place? Or maybe a page on that site that I missed? I'm sorry I'm not getting it. Thanks for the help

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    It's all you'll ever need to get this running

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  • started a topic Dedicated Mac Server-how's this done??

    Dedicated Mac Server-how's this done??

    I'm having a lot of trouble setting up a dedicated server on my mac. I've downloaded the big free (thanks multiplatform dedicated server and have read the instructions listed below:

    March 11th, 2004.

    This is a dedicated server only version of UT2004. It contains "ucc" and the
    minimum files required to host games for retail UT2004 players. You may use
    it for free provided you agree to the terms in the ServerOnlyLicense.txt file
    in this archive.

    There is no installer for this version. Simply unzip the contents of this
    archive into a directory on your server.

    The program you run is in the "System" directory:
    - Windows admins use "ucc.exe"
    - Linux/x86 admins use "ucc-bin"
    - Linux/amd64 admins use "ucc-bin-linux-amd64"
    - MacOS X admins use "ucc-bin-macosx"

    For your server to appear in the global server list and participate in UT2004
    stats, your server needs to be allocated a CD Key. Please visit this website
    to get your server CD key:

    - Epic Games, Inc.

    I've gotten a cd key and put it in my system folder as instructed. Now, as a mac guy, when somebody says "run a program", I just double click it and it works. This thing opens the terminal for me and I get all shaky at the sight of a command line. I have done searches about how to get it running but all of the posts are above my head. Phrases like "shell script" and "darwin" are not familiar...maybe I've just been spoiled or something. Anyway, if there's anybody out there who could pass on some knowledge, I sure would appreciate it Thanks