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another server question sorry

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    another server question sorry

    despite reading just under one million posts here I still can't figure it out even though it's probably pretty simple. Any guidance greatly appreciated.

    I am trying to set up a dedicated server behind a Linksys router. You can see it but you cannot join it and no ping is registered. I can join it via lan and everything works fine but if your trying to join via the internet from a different pc you get the ip screen or a black screen and that's it. Here are my specs

    Linksys BEFW11S4 router
    Win XP SP2
    game version 3270
    3.06 P4
    port forwarding enabled on 7777,7778,7787 and 28,902

    I know very little about how my router works and suspect it is something petty I've missed however my eyes are fire engine red from reading post after post after post with similar problems and I've either addressed the fix or don't understand the fix.

    Thanks very much.

    try setting server as DMZ..or going around the router all together...just to verify you can connect that way.

    oh..and i don't htink you need behind NAT=true with that router..


      If you have DHCP enabled in your router make sure the ports are forwarded to the IP of your server. The IP may change when you restart your computers. Also make sure your fire wall has the same ports open.


        thanks for the feedback!

        DMZ enabled (although I don't know what that is) and set to correct luck.

        Firewall not a problem....ports open and the problem exists with the firewall up or down completely.

        Here is some additional info and HornDog this may be what your refering IP address from my ISP is static. Underneath the router however the individual machine in question appears to be set to dynamic and I cannot change the first three segments of the ip address when trying port forwarding. That means (superfically to me because everything router oriented is superficial) that I am opening ports on an IP address that is underneath (therefore unattainable) to the person trying to connect to my server. Additionaly when you look at my server on my machine it displays the IP address of the local machine. When you look from a different machine via the internet it shows the IP at the router. This sounds like my problem but I'm unsure how to correct.



          i think what he is referring to is just that. each pc on the router will have you need to ensure that you are forwarding to the correct internal ip. If you hit DHCP table, it will show the name of each machine and its internal ip. ensure that this is the ip you are forwarding to and/or set as dmz.


            forwarding to the right internal IP and DMZ is set to the right internal..........and nothing.

            HornDog you say "forward to the IP of your server" but I can't do that. The first three segments when I go to port forwarding are predefined and I can't change them. All I can change is the final segment.


              got it Frogger thanks for all your help. Working like a charm....


                now that it works..i would recommend taking it OFF of DMZ. This basically opens all ports on the PC. It should still work fine as long as you have the ports forwarded. It's not a big deal, but it takes away all hte benefits of having a router if you put the PC as DMZ. I recommend DMZ as a toubleshooting measure just to find the problem..but i'd take it off (disable dmz all together) in the end.

                glad you are up!