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Want to run a server? Here's some specs

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    Want to run a server? Here's some specs

    A lot of people come in here asking what kind of rig they need to run servers and what kind of bandwidth they need. I think a valuable sticky would be for all the admins out there to list their server specs, how many people it can handle, what the netspeed is, etc. I think it will not only be a great guide for all the new admins, but maybe a good comparison for all the veteran admins out there looking to tweak their servers to the max.

    I'll go first.

    Death Warrant's Pit of Penultimate Darkness


    Game: Onslaught
    Slots: 24
    Spectators: 1
    CPU: P4 3.2 HT 800FSB
    Memory: 1gig
    HD: 80GB WD 7200rpm
    O/S: Windows 2003 Server
    Netspeed: 9100
    Bandwidth needed fully loaded ~ 1.8Mbit

    I should probably knock it down to 22 players, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Some maps will max out the CPU, but it doesn't get too bad in terms of lagginess. I have kicked a map or two for being too hard on the CPU. I followed's guide to run everything as a service and kill any unecessary services. Hope this helps someone out there!


    I think thats funny, a fast CPU like that getting maxed out with an ONS server.
    I blame Windows, and its lack of ability to actually handle a full cpu load.
    Put that CPU to a real proper use, run your ONS server in FreeBSD or Linux.
    Windows has no clue on how to properly put cpu cycles to use, but wastes them rather. Even Intel claims Windows is garbage at putting their new cpu's on the performance table.


      ANY CPU will get maxed out at or above 24 players in Onslaught. It's a known issue with serving that gametype. If you want to run more than 24 players in Onslaught, you need an Opteron.

      Your blame of Windows is misplaced. The UT server was written for Win32 and ported over to Linux. No one's disputing that any Linux distribution is a superior OS, but you're kidding yourself if you don't believe that an app written for one OS and then ported to another, will run better on the OS for which it was written. It's well known that UT servers run better on Windows, and that's not a knock against Linux.

      If he put his server on Linux or FreeBSD, he may well have additional problems (see and it certainly won't help his CPU performance.


        Linux's power kicks in when you run a 64 bit UT version on a 64bit AMD CPU, IMHO. That's where no Windows system can get as of yet.