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    Help in game administration

    I will be having a LAN party in a week. I am going to run a UT 2004 DS and would like to do the following.
    1) Have each game type have a specified list of maps
    2) change the game type on the command console / in game (~)

    I have the server running on WIN XP PRO, latest patches, its running as a service, I have XAdmin setup and I can login and get to everything. This does not mean I understand everything in Web Admin but I understand a lot of it. I can login for Administration, in the game using the "admin login" <username><pass> command. I have seen the link and page for on Commandline Reference. I can almost garantee I am doing something wrong. I can only get some of the commands to work. The most important one I can't get to work is "admin game changeto" <ClassName> All it does when I enter in an actual classname is gives a blank line on the display above the console and nothing happens in the game.
    The other thing that wont work is the map lists. They go back to default everytime I restart the server service / command prompt. I am not refering to restarting the machine. I have to go and reselect all the maps I want through XAdmin.

    Some help on this would be great.
    Thank to anyone in advance.

    What you should try to do is setup a mapvote (have a look at for this) or install the UT2Vote mutator(have a look at this thread ). When logged as an admin, both will allow you to switch instantly to the desired mode/map.