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Server question.

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    Server question.

    I just started an ONS server and have map vote set up.

    I like when you play a map then as same color play the
    other side of same map,
    before you vote and move on to next map.

    Only after every game the vote map comes up.
    If there’s a way to get what I want-how?

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    As a bump instead of edit I’ll add this;
    I only have 500 something mb upload and I’m seeing how it
    will run with 14 players 2 spectators limit.

    The server name is “Green Mountain Boys” in North East USA,
    and is running;
    ONS-ColdFusion][ Random
    ONS-CBP2-Argento Random
    ONS-Hollon2-SE Random
    ONS-Ascendancy Random
    ONS-Tropic Random
    ONS-CBP2-Brassed Random
    ONS-DryIce Random
    ONS-CBP2-Valarna Random
    ONS-JungleHill2 Default
    ONS-CBP2-Yorda Default
    ONS-Pipeline Random
    ONS-Nevermore-SE Random

    I did this;
    Under the section: [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]
    Change: NetServerMaxTickRate=20
    To: NetServerMaxTickRate=35


    If anyone has any suggestions please do so.

    This will not be a full time server and I’ll shut down every nite around 12,12:30,1am
    If my computer crashes well…


      That's a setting you have to change, and it's not related to TickRate. Go into Web Admin --> Defaults --> Game, and change the Goal Score to higher than 2. When a team wins in ONS before time runs out, that team is awarded 2 points. 1 point is awarded if the win occurs in overtime.


        I’ll try Game, and change the Goal Score to higher than 2.
        Had set for 2.
        Thanks UrDaddy.

        I know NetServerMaxTickRate=35 I thought would help improve ping.
        and RedirectToURL= is to take the load off my upload if a player doesn’t have map.

        Sorry to make you move thread.


          urdaddy is correct in regards to the score limit

          35 tick rate is high an dwill help ping until your cpu is maxed...and it will be on a full 14 player server with a tick rate of 35..assuming your not running a high end opteron chip or amd fx chip


            Originally posted by Savath
            Sorry to make you move thread.
            I didn't move it, only a Mod can do that. NP for the help though.