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3236 + Invasion + terrain maps = problem

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    3236 + Invasion + terrain maps = problem

    I have noticed since I installed the 3236 patch on my server yesterday that in maps with terrains, the monsters are spawning below the terrain level and are shooting at the players without anyway at getting to them.

    This is happening on the same terrain-based maps that I have been playing on without problem for quite some time now. It all started after 3236 was installed.

    I have opened the maps via unrealED and have examined the maps and have not been able to find any player starts, pathnodes, jumpspots or any other navigation points beneath the terrain grid.

    Has anyone else experienced this on their invasion server?

    After more testing I realized that 3236 was not the culprit causing the below terrain spawns, it was the new satore monsterpacev104 casuing the problem.

    sorry for the above post.