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    If that's directed at me, explain yourself please.

    I'm the first to admin that I'm not a mapper, but there's very simple rules for good and bad mapmaking that anyone should be able to understand. For example, how about we try a do's and don'ts angle?

    DO build your map in such a way that world detail can be increased or decreased using the control to allow owners of varying performance systems to enjoy your creation.

    DON'T take shortcuts in adding effects and music by way of ambient sound in a map. Sound effects and music elements are designed to be controlled independently.

    Now I've ranted about this several times before and my opinion hasn't changed. Inserting a looped audio sample of some flavor of the day band into a map as ambient sound is not the way it should be done. It's a poor, unprofessional, amateur, "I don't know better / I do know better but I don't care" practice if ever I've seen one. The end result being a bad map that prompts users to ask "Hey, why can't I control the music volume or disable it?" Simple. The author chose to be an inconsiderate ******* that insists you listen to this self-written and performed composition* that compliments the atmosphere of his map. The lack of this specially composed music would leave the player completely unaware of the overall vision and experience that the map author wished to convey. Yes, the map would be a complete failure if by some misfortune there was no accompanying ogg file for the player to hear. Because after all, the mapmaker is an artist. One that insists on perfection as well I may add. And so, it's perfectly justified to say screw protocol and deliberately do things the wrong way in pursuit of perfection which becomes completely unattainable by the act of taking a lazy shortcut. Ironic? I couldn't tell ya. It's way to late at night for me.

    Can't wait to hear your side of this.

    *Did I say that ****? What I meant was his mp3 rip of whatever his favorite cool tune of the day is.


      You may not get his but you will get mine.

      First of all, there are plenty of servers out there. If you don't like music embedded into your maps then don't play on a server that has it. There are alot of us "idiots" who do like having the music in the maps. We like to play on those servers.

      And as far as pushing music that leaves the player "unaware of the overall vision and experience that the map author wished to convey," I would like you to answer this. How do you suppose that server admins push custom maps with anything but stock music files? I personally like including ambient music in maps because it is a space saver/cuts down on dl time, and does give the player the "overall vision and experience that the map author wished to convey."

      Epic should bring fix the ambient sound issue. Alot of good maps have been ruined because of the bug.


        I'm sorry, anti or pro music has nothing to do with my argument.
        How is it that noone is seeing the basic problem here?

        Let me simplify.

        1) obtain a map made by some idiot that decides the common practice of music = *.ogg and game/effects sound=*.umx doesn't have a logical reason to apply and mixes all the above into the map itself

        2) install on server of your choosing and/or locally and bring it up for play

        3) decide you would rather listen to a different tune and hit F11

        4) select and play whatever tune you like and act surprised at the results

        5) attempt to lower the volume of the original tune so you can enjoy the new tune

        6) if you *don't* play IG, act surprised that you can't hear any of the pickups or enemy players behind you loading rockets

        If that doesn't explain what is wrong with this misguided practice, I don't know what will. After all, is the blind desire to have music forced on players so overpowering that it's acceptable that there's no way to control it?

        Remember to keep telling yourself that. Especially if you find yourself sitting in a Cadillac that is constantly and loudly filled with the sound of Led Zepplin’s “Rock and Roll” even while the radio is turned off.

        Freedom of choice though.. Sure, I can urge people not to support authors that ignore mapping etiquette. Others can preach the opposite. That's just the way it is. Maybe sooner or later someone might think to ask a few professional mappers what the right way is..


          Let me tell you the problem!!

          Originally posted by Dr Sin
          Music should be pushable now
          And it is not pushable, at least not the .ogg and that is what I consider music for UT2003/4! But it can be pushed by making very small and usually quite useless mylevel ambient or .uax!

          I dont support doing this but I think because of the CONFUSION caused by this simple statement "Music should be pushable now" by Dr Sin that people are left wondering WTF??

          Then because of thier confusion and attempts to figure it out someone comes in and calls them IDIOTS rather than taking the time to see that a misplaced statement by someone we respect for giving accurate feedback is wrong!


            Ahh. My apologies for hijacking the thread with my preaching and adding to the confusion then.
            Dr. Sin was in error and again, I hate seeing the alternative method getting any steam behind it. My comments are not directed toward admins - nor was it ever! And I hope no admins are modifying other people's maps at will.. that would reek of another 3-letter subject that we won't get into..


              No problem there because I was just stunned to see you responding somewhat violently towards the confusion but no harm done.

              Also you are another very well respected member here and people are more apt to follow your direction, at least I do!

              Thanks for the apology and all the help and stuff you give to Unreal.


                Music should be pushable now
                how ? :bulb:


                  Its not! Try reading the thread posts next time!


                    I think he was just playing around.