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in game admin commands?

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    in game admin commands?

    I am a beginner at admining servers, and need some information.

    In RavenShield, which is based on the UT engine, a player has the ability to log in as an admin using the command [color=royal blue] adminlogin <password> [/color] The player then has access to various commands such as kicking/banning a player, changing maps, or even changing the server ini file.

    Is this ability present in UT2k4 or does one have to use the web admin page? If it is, can someone tell me how to go about setting it up?

    Essentially, what I am looking to do among other things is allow changes in gametype from within the game. An example from RvS would be if we decided to play pistols, we would enter [color=royal blue] loadserver pistols.ini [/color] We would like to be able to change the game type for example from onslaught to CTF in game.

    Is this possible? Can someone show me how to do it?

    how to set up login..

    in game console commands


      Thank you very much. I have started delving into this site and I think I will find most if not all of what I need. I appreciate the steer!