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VAS STS Help desperately needed!

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    VAS STS Help desperately needed!

    This is what i am doing...

    I have started to run a listening server for me and a friend and i have installed all the relevant

    web files
    system files

    I have also put the serverpackage line in the .ini file

    To the normal directories... when i run the game it has the ingame stats menus and tells me yourplayer is ranked as number 1 etc etc, but it doesn't rank anything. in f10 menu.

    There are no logs in user log folder... there is stats logged in the vas ini file thingy i.e. my handle!

    I don't know were to veiw the stats i know theres basically a web template in the web/vassts folder but it doesn't list anything.

    Help would be great at this point as it seems the more suited stats thingy for me!