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UTAN Goes Live!

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    I must say, this has been quite a successful release. If you haven't already signed up, what are you waiting for?

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    UTAN Goes Live!

    What is UTAN?!

    Basically its a free public system to store your UT2004 GUID and IP server bans in such a way that they can be rolled out to all servers under your control automatically.

    Part of the UTAN system allows the trusted admin's (Head Admin's at various GISP's) to add bans into our system so that they will be distributed to all servers running our server actor. We understand how controversial this could be and have setup the system so that if you don't want these global bans, so to speak, you don't have to receive them!

    The system allows you to store you own bans for use of either your server or your GISP only, which are protected by a password. So storing all your bans in our system is possible making it very quick and efficient at sending the bans out to your servers.

    If you have any questions about UTAN please post on our forums. If your ready to get your server UTAN protected please register on our web-site. This system is run by UnrealAdmin.

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