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ut2vote42 question--again

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    ut2vote42 question--again

    First off, Frogger, you were right, it didn't work.


    I am trying to find a way to enable EVERY installed map to be played as deathmatch.
    UT2003 had a utility found here GUI

    It was a server GUI that lets yo pick what game type to start, then lets you pick WHATEVER map you want to play--be it a BR, CTF, DOM, or any other map.

    Is there a utility or setting that will allow this for UT2k4??

    As new as the game is, i have tons of maps already. All i want to do is kill people in them!!

    Your message subject is a little misleading..

    But to put the ut2vote spin on this, you can manually edit your maplist with whatever maptypes you want in it, enable maplist use in ut2vote and you can get it on that way.. At least in-game you have a GUI to select the map you want..


      he is wanting to play all map types as DM. This isn't really a ut2vote question...