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UT2vote 4.2 Mutator translations....

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    Tank you!

    Nice, dats wat I waz looking for xakaly....


    Will check out the link for sure....

    tanks again...


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    Below is the list Its fromThe Unreal Admin Page Ut2004 Tutorials they there a must read for :noob: admins :bulb:

    Arena - XWeapons.MutArena
    Beserk - UnrealGame.MutBerserk
    Big Head - UnrealGame.MutBigHead
    Delayed Spawn - UnrealGame.MutDelayedSpawn
    Float-Away Corpses - XGame.MutHeliumCorpses
    InstaGib - XGame.MutInstaGib
    Zoom InstaGib - XGame.MutZoomInstaGib
    LowGravity - UnrealGame.MutLowGrav
    No Adrenaline - XGame.MutNoAdrenaline
    No Super Weapons - XWeapons.MutNoSuperWeapon
    Quad Jump - XGame.MutQuadJump
    AutoHealing - XGame.MutRegen
    Slow Motion Deaths - XGame.MutSlomoDeath
    Species Specific Stats - XGame.MutSpeciesStats
    UDamage Reward - .XGame.MutUDamageReward
    Vampire - XGame.MutVampire
    UTV2004S (UTV2004 in SeeAll mode)- UTV2004s.utvMutator
    UT2k3 Style Weapon Throwing/Boosting - XGame.MutFastWeapSwitch
    UTClassic - UTClassic.MutUTClassic
    Lightning Gun 2 Sniper Rifle - UTClassic.MutUseSniper
    Sniper Rifle 2 Lightning Gun - UTClassic.MutUseLightning
    Camouflage Combo (RRRR) - Bonuspack.MutCrateCombo
    Pint-sized combo (LLLL) - Bonuspack.MutPintSizeCombo

    BigWheels - Onslaught.MutBigWheels
    Light Weight Vehicles - Onslaught.MutLightweightVehicles
    Onslaught Weapons - Onslaught.MutOnslaughtWeapons
    Jumping Vehicles - Onslaught.MutWheeledVehicleStunts
    Vehicle Arena - OnslaughtFull.MutVehicleArena

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  • started a topic UT2vote 4.2 Mutator translations....

    UT2vote 4.2 Mutator translations....

    Were could I find alist of all the mutators that come with retail version?

    But I need them like if I was going to put them into the UT2vote 4.2 server start up line, i.e;

    ServerMuts=utcompv13.MutUTComp,AntiTCC115aLite.MutAntiTCC,VAS _SaveToServer.MutVAS_SaveToServer,

    Becasue I would like to add some more Mutators, but after trying a few different combination of things, I can't get them to work, so just wondered if there was sum sort of list sumplace, dat would allow me to copy & paste what I needed....

    Particulary the UDamage Reward mutator... I try to get to run heaps of times.. but it won't run along side the rest...