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high ping in ASE but not on webadmin?

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    high ping in ASE but not on webadmin?

    Noticed something very strange on our server last night.

    There were several times the server would start to lag very bad for everyone. I would look in webadmin and none of the pings were over 255. Just because, I checked with All Seeing Eye and there was a person with a ping of 8000+. In webadmin, it said 255.

    Once I kicked him, the lag cleared up.

    Is there a cheat that can be used to cause lag or something? Or is ASE just flaky?

    Any ideas?

    The Webadmin is so inaccurate for pings that it isn't even funny.

    On our previous server when somewhat full, everyone's pings would show at 125-175 on the scoreboard (and by asking some at the same time to look at netstats by pressing F6), but the Webadmin will show everyone at 25-35.

    Needless to say, we have since found a better server provider.

    It would be nice if the Webadmin was made more accurate in the next patch.


      U can use the Uadmin mod to mintior ping and if it goes over a certian limit you sit it will kick the person who is pinging.