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Redirecton over 100%?

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  • Redirecton over 100%?

    I redirected to "" and a lot of the files seem to go past 100% some into the 1000s can I just upload a fixed version of the file to that server?

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    what file are talkin about if its a map your having trouble with just rename it like DM- WTF.ut2.uz2 to DM- WTF][.ut2.uz2 then upload your map to redirect and rename map on server restart the server so it makes new ucl for the map . this only works on maps u cant rename textures unless u recompile the map with new texture file name .

    one reason this happens somtimes is guys upload a map but they only get part of it uploaded so the server starts out by sending the file on the redirect then next thing ya know server sees the file is borked and so it bnegins sending from the server and the % is not reset hence the 1000%


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      This can also be caused by version mismatches, i.e. the redirect version is different from your server version.