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UT 2004 - Unknown_CDKEY

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    UT 2004 - Unknown_CDKEY

    In the server console, Im getting a unknown cdkey error when the server attempts to connect to the master servers. Yes Iv verified that the keys are installed correctly, and that they are ut 2004 keys. Also I have waited over 24 hours incase it takes some time for the keys to register.

    I had this same problem... triple check that you installed the registry key not just put the cdkey in the system folder. I thought I had done this.. but I was wrong :P

    From the E-mail I got
    For Windows servers, save the attached UT2004_Server_CD_Key.reg and upload it to your dedicated server. Once it's there, double-click it to install it in the Windows registry. You can also install it by hand by making a new String registry entry called CDKey in

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Unreal Technology\Installed Apps\UT2004

    Warning: do not double-click this .reg file on a Windows computer which already has a retail UT2004 installation - it will overwrite your retail CD key with the server-only one.

    If this occurs, you will need to reinstall your copy of UT2004 from your original CDs.


      **** i see that this thread hasnt solved any thing,but il make sure il triple check.



        sorry tried that like 3 times, this is really beginning to agrivate me.