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Level wont load on dedicated server.

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  • Level wont load on dedicated server.

    I am running an Excessive dedicated server v2225. For some reason I cannot get the map "DM-CrookedForest" to load. I have contacted the creator of the map and he also has no clue what to do. For some weird reason it will work on a non-dedicated server. I tried loading it without any mutes/mods and it still dont work. Can someone help me!!

    This is what I get when I try to load it on a dedicated server.

    Log: Log file open, 08/24/03 23:43:18
    Init: Name subsystem initialized
    Init: Detected: Microsoft Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    Init: Version: 2225 (121.29)
    Init: Compiled: Apr 16 2003 22:59:27
    Init: Command line:
    Init: Base directory: D:\UT2003\System\
    Init: Character set: Unicode
    Init: Build label: UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2003-04-07_17.42]
    Log: Bound to Window.dll
    Log: Bound to Core.dll
    Log: Bound to Engine.dll
    Init: Object subsystem initialized
    Init: Computer: SONY
    Init: User: msc
    Init: CPU Page size=4096, Processors=1
    Init: CPU Detected: Unknown processor (GenuineIntel)
    Init: CPU Features: CMov FPU RDTSC PAE MMX SSE
    Init: CPU Speed=1615.979840 MHz
    Init: Memory total: Phys=1048096K Pagef=2522056K Virt=2097024K
    Init: Working set: 32000 / 159000
    Init: Unreal engine initialized
    Log: Bound to WinDrv.dll
    Init: Client initialized
    Log: Bound to D3DDrv.dll
    Init: Direct3D adapters detected:
    Log: nv4_disp.dll/NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
    Log: nv4_disp.dll/NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxTextureBlendStages=8
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxSimultaneousTextures=4
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxActiveLights=8
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxPrimitiveCount=1048575
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxVertexIndex=1048575
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxStreams=16
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxStreamStride=255
    Init: D3D Driver: MaxVertexShaderConst=96
    Init: D3D Driver: VertexShaderVersion=1.1
    Init: D3D Driver: PixelShaderVersion=1.3
    Init: D3D Driver: AGP support detected
    Init: D3D Driver: Using w- pixel fog
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports trilinear
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports BLENDDIFFUSEALPHA
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports LOD biasing
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports Z biasing
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports D3DTOP_ADDSIGNED2X
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports D3DTOP_BUMPENVMAP
    Init: D3D Driver: Supports D3DTOP_DOTPRODUCT3
    Init: Unreal Engine Direct3D support - internal version: SB3
    Init: D3D Device: szDriver=nv4_disp.dll
    Init: D3D Device: szDescription=NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
    Init: D3D Device: wProduct=6
    Init: D3D Device: wVersion=14
    Init: D3D Device: wSubVersion=10
    Init: D3D Device: wBuild=4403
    Init: D3D Device: dwVendorId=4318
    Init: D3D Device: dwDeviceId=641
    Init: D3D Device: dwSubSysId=0
    Init: D3D Device: dwRevision=161
    Init: D3D Detected: NVidia video card
    Init: D3D Device: using cubemaps [with mipmaps]
    Log: (Karma): Beginning Karma for game.
    Log: (Karma): Creating MeAssetDB.
    Log: (Karma): Loading: Alien.ka
    Log: (Karma): Loading: Bot.ka
    Log: (Karma): Loading: Human.ka
    Log: (Karma): Loading: intro.ka
    Log: (Karma): Loading: jugg.ka
    Log: (Karma): Finished Creating MeAssetDB (12 Assets).
    Log: LoadMap: Entry
    Log: Bound to XGame.dll
    Log: Bound to Fire.dll
    Log: Bound to Editor.dll
    Log: Static mesh batches: 0 vertex bytes, 0 index bytes
    Log: Game class is 'GameInfo'
    Log: Level is Level Entry.myLevel
    Log: Bringing Level Entry.myLevel up for play (0) appSeconds: 0.000060...
    ScriptLog: Base Mutator is Entry.Mutator
    ScriptLog: GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging False
    Log: Browse: NvidiaLogo.ut2?Name=Dr._Awesome?Class=Engine.Pawn? Character=Mr.Crow?team=0
    Log: LoadMap: NvidiaLogo.ut2?Name=Dr._Awesome?Class=Engine.Pawn? Character=Mr.Crow?team=0
    Warning: Type mismatch in MA of Orientation: file 2, class 16
    Log: (Karma): Initialising Karma for Level.
    Log: (Karma): Autodetecting CPU for SSE
    Log: (Karma): Using SSE Optimizations
    Log: Static mesh batches: 508608 vertex bytes, 110460 index bytes
    Log: Collecting garbage
    Log: Purging garbage
    Log: Garbage: objects: 15992->15952; refs: 157540
    Log: Game class is 'CinematicGame'
    Log: Level is Level NvidiaLogo.myLevel
    Warning: Paths may not be valid.
    Log: Bringing Level NvidiaLogo.myLevel up for play (0) appSeconds: 0.000074...
    ScriptLog: Base Mutator is NvidiaLogo.Mutator
    ScriptLog: GameInfo::InitGame : bEnableStatLogging False
    Log: Bound to XInterface.dll
    Log: Bound to IpDrv.dll
    Log: Bound to UWeb.dll
    Log: Bound to ALAudio.dll
    Init: ALAudio: subsystem initialized.
    ScriptLog: Team 0
    ScriptLog: Login: Dr._Awesome
    Warning: Failed to load 'NULL': Can't resolve package name
    Warning: Failed to load 'Class None.': Can't resolve package name
    Security: Unknown security class [] -- System is no secure.
    Log: CinematicPlayer got player WindowsViewport
    Log: No ScoreBoardType specified in GameInfo
    ScriptLog: New Player Dr._Awesome id= 643ae00bbc7dd913156a506af0718346
    Init: Input system initialized for WindowsViewport
    Log: Opened viewport
    Log: Enter SetRes: 1280x1024 Fullscreen 1
    Init: Best-match display mode: 1280x1024x32@75
    Log: Using back-buffer format 22(32-bit)
    Log: Using depth-buffer format 77(32-bit)
    Log: Creating device
    Log: xD3DHelper::Init (QuadEmulation)
    Init: D3D Driver: CreateDevice: will use hardware transform and lighting.
    Init: D3D Driver: CreateDevice: will use hardware vertex processing
    Log: Creating IME context.
    Log: OS doesn't support IME.
    Init: Game engine initialized
    Log: Startup time: 0.801077 seconds
    Log: Precaching: NvidiaLogo.LevelInfo0
    Log: Allocating 16384 byte dynamic index buffer.
    Log: Allocating 65536 byte dynamic vertex buffer.
    Log: Finished precaching geometry in 0.103 seconds
    Log: Finished precaching textures in 0.035 seconds
    Log: URL: Adding default option Name=Dr._Awesome
    Log: URL: Adding default option Class=Engine.Pawn
    Log: URL: Adding default option Character=Mr.Crow
    Log: URL: Adding default option team=0
    Log: Browse: Index.ut2?disconnect?Name=Dr._Awesome?Class=Engine .Pawn?Character=Mr.Crow?team=0
    Log: Failed; returning to Entry
    Log: GP=FALSE
    Log: Spawning new actor for Viewport WindowsViewport
    ScriptLog: Team 0
    ScriptLog: Login: Dr._Awesome
    Warning: Failed to load 'NULL': Can't resolve package name
    Warning: Failed to load 'Class None.': Can't resolve package name
    Security: Unknown security class [] -- System is no secure.
    Log: PlayerController got player WindowsViewport
    Log: No ScoreBoardType specified in GameInfo
    ScriptLog: New Player Dr._Awesome id= 643ae00bbc7dd913156a506af0718346
    Log: Scanning and building mutator list
    Log: xUtil::CacheLoad CachePlayers (0.071150 seconds)
    Warning: Failed to load 'Material DM-CrookedForest.Screenshot': Failed to find object 'Material DM-CrookedForest.Screenshot'
    Error: Couldn't load DecoText XMaps.CrookedForest
    Log: Relaunch: DM-CrookedForest?Game=XGame.xDeathMatch?GameSpeed=1.0 0?WeaponStay=True?Translocator=False?FriendlyFireS cale=0.00?GoalScore=25?TimeLimit=15?MaxLives=0?All owThrowing=True?AutoAdjust=False?GameStats=False?M inPlayers=0?MaxPlayers=16?MaxSpectators=2?difficul ty=1 -server -log=Server.log
    Log: GetModuleFileName returned D:\UT2003\System\UT2003.exe
    Log: ShellExecute result: 42
    Log: appRequestExit(0)
    ScriptLog: GUIController::CloseMenu - Package.UT2MultiplayerHostPage
    Exit: Preparing to exit.
    Log: Purging garbage
    Log: Unbound to Window.dll
    Log: Unbound to Core.dll
    Log: Unbound to Engine.dll
    Log: 25918.9ms Unloading: Package Engine
    Log: 25922.1ms Unloading: Package Core
    Exit: Game engine shut down
    Log: Unbound to WinDrv.dll
    Exit: Windows client shut down
    Log: Unbound to D3DDrv.dll
    Log: 26078.1ms Unloading: Package Packages
    Log: 26078.3ms Unloading: Package Entry
    Log: Unbound to XGame.dll
    Log: 26078.4ms Unloading: Package XGame
    Log: 26078.9ms Unloading: Package TauntPack
    Log: 26079.0ms Unloading: Package UnrealGame
    Log: 26080.1ms Unloading: Package Gameplay
    Log: 26080.4ms Unloading: Package AnnouncerMain
    Log: 26080.5ms Unloading: Package GameSounds
    Log: 26080.5ms Unloading: Package InterfaceContent
    Log: 26080.6ms Unloading: Package intro_characters
    Log: 26080.7ms Unloading: Package PlayerSounds
    Log: 26080.8ms Unloading: Package NewDeath
    Log: 26080.8ms Unloading: Package XEffects
    Log: 26081.1ms Unloading: Package XEffectMat
    Log: 26081.2ms Unloading: Package EpicParticles
    Log: 26081.3ms Unloading: Package WeaponSounds
    Log: 26081.4ms Unloading: Package BloodFX
    Log: 26081.5ms Unloading: Package ParticleMeshes
    Log: 26081.5ms Unloading: Package AWGlobal
    Log: 26081.8ms Unloading: Package UCGeneric
    Log: 26081.8ms Unloading: Package CubeMaps
    Log: 26081.9ms Unloading: Package XGameShaders
    Log: 26082.0ms Unloading: Package PlayerSkins
    Log: 26082.0ms Unloading: Package Shiptech
    Log: 26082.1ms Unloading: Package XGameTextures
    Log: 26082.1ms Unloading: Package TeamSymbols_UT2003
    Log: 26082.2ms Unloading: Package AlleriaArchitecture
    Log: 26082.2ms Unloading: Package TowerTerrain
    Log: 26082.3ms Unloading: Package AbaddonArchitecture
    Log: 26082.3ms Unloading: Package AbaddonTerrain
    Log: 26082.4ms Unloading: Package AbaddonArchitecture-epic
    Log: 26082.4ms Unloading: Package SkyRenders
    Log: 26082.5ms Unloading: Package dom-goose
    Log: 26082.5ms Unloading: Package FireEngine
    Log: Unbound to Fire.dll
    Log: 26082.6ms Unloading: Package Fire
    Log: 26082.6ms Unloading: Package MikeDemoLevel
    Log: 26082.7ms Unloading: Package ArboreaArchitecture
    Log: 26082.7ms Unloading: Package H_E_L_Ltx
    Log: 26082.8ms Unloading: Package Egypt_tech_Epic
    Log: 26082.8ms Unloading: Package ArboreaTerrain
    Log: 26082.9ms Unloading: Package PickupSkins
    Log: 26082.9ms Unloading: Package XGameShadersB
    Log: 26083.0ms Unloading: Package DefaultFluid
    Log: 26083.0ms Unloading: Package EmitterTextures
    Log: 26083.1ms Unloading: Package GeneralAmbience
    Log: Unbound to Editor.dll
    Log: 26086.6ms Unloading: Package Editor
    Log: 26086.7ms Unloading: Package WeaponStaticMesh
    Log: 26086.7ms Unloading: Package WeaponSkins
    Log: 26086.8ms Unloading: Package XGame_rc
    Log: 26086.9ms Unloading: Package SC_Volcano_T
    Log: 26087.0ms Unloading: Package XPickups
    Log: 26087.0ms Unloading: Package PickupSounds
    Log: 26087.1ms Unloading: Package E_Pickups
    Log: 26087.1ms Unloading: Package XPickups_rc
    Log: 26087.2ms Unloading: Package XGame_StaticMeshes
    Log: 26087.2ms Unloading: Package DanFX
    Log: 26087.3ms Unloading: Package Phobos2_cp
    Log: 26087.3ms Unloading: Package CP_Effects1
    Log: 26087.4ms Unloading: Package TeamSymbols
    Log: 26087.4ms Unloading: Package GeneralImpacts
    Log: 26087.5ms Unloading: Package DeRez
    Log: 26087.5ms Unloading: Package MenuSounds
    Log: 26087.6ms Unloading: Package Jugg
    Log: 26087.8ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo
    Log: 26087.9ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo_T
    Log: 26087.9ms Unloading: Package HumanoidArchitecture2
    Log: 26088.0ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogo_M
    Log: 26088.0ms Unloading: Package XWeapons
    Log: 26088.9ms Unloading: Package XWeapons_rc
    Log: 26088.9ms Unloading: Package Weapons
    Log: 26089.0ms Unloading: Package InstagibEffects
    Log: 26089.1ms Unloading: Package IndoorAmbience
    Log: 26089.1ms Unloading: Package NvidiaLogoSounds
    Log: 26089.2ms Unloading: Package NvidiaGorge
    Log: (Karma): Terminating Karma for Level.
    Log: (Karma): Level Karma Terminated.
    Log: (Karma): Ending Karma for game.
    Log: (Karma): Destroying Geometry Manager.
    Log: (Karma): Destroying Asset Database.
    Log: (Karma): Destroying Framework.
    Log: 26130.6ms Unloading: Package UT2003Fonts
    Log: Unbound to XInterface.dll
    Log: 26131.1ms Unloading: Package XInterface
    Log: Unbound to IpDrv.dll
    Log: 26133.1ms Unloading: Package IpDrv
    Log: 26133.3ms Unloading: Package Laddershots
    Log: 26133.3ms Unloading: Package ExitScreen
    Log: Unbound to UWeb.dll
    Log: 26133.4ms Unloading: Package UWeb
    Log: 26133.5ms Unloading: Package Crosshairs
    Log: 26133.5ms Unloading: Package ServerIcons
    Log: 26133.6ms Unloading: Package MenuEffects
    Log: 26133.6ms Unloading: Package LastManStanding
    Log: 26133.7ms Unloading: Package SinglePlayerThumbs
    Log: Unbound to ALAudio.dll
    Exit: OpenAL Audio subsystem shut down.
    Log: 26284.7ms Unloading: Package DM-Antalus
    Log: 26285.0ms Unloading: Package ArboreaLanscape
    Log: 26285.1ms Unloading: Package AntalusStatic
    Log: 26285.3ms Unloading: Package AntalusTextures
    Log: 26285.4ms Unloading: Package ArboreaHardware
    Log: 26285.4ms Unloading: Package ArboreaHardwareBrush
    Log: 26285.5ms Unloading: Package AlleriaTerrain
    Log: 26285.5ms Unloading: Package OutdoorAmbience
    Log: 26285.6ms Unloading: Package cp_wasteland
    Log: 26285.6ms Unloading: Package cf_tex02
    Log: 26285.7ms Unloading: Package BarrensTerrain
    Log: 26285.7ms Unloading: Package Face3_deco
    Log: 26285.8ms Unloading: Package BarrensArchitecture-epic
    Log: 26285.8ms Unloading: Package BarrensArchitecture
    Log: 26285.9ms Unloading: Package cf_tex01
    Log: 26286.0ms Unloading: Package AW-Alleria
    Log: 26286.1ms Unloading: Package Pipe_Set
    Log: 26286.1ms Unloading: Package TowerStatic
    Log: 26286.2ms Unloading: Package cassTextures2
    Log: 26286.2ms Unloading: Package Shiptech2
    Log: 26286.2ms Unloading: Package HumanoidArchitecture
    Log: 26286.9ms Unloading: Package Bonuspack
    Log: 26287.0ms Unloading: Package MutantSkins
    Log: 26287.0ms Unloading: Package AnnouncerEvil
    Log: 26287.1ms Unloading: Package Egypt_techmeshes_Epic
    Log: 26287.1ms Unloading: Package HumanoidHardware
    Log: 26287.2ms Unloading: Package HumanoidHardwareBrush
    Log: 26287.2ms Unloading: Package AbaddonHardwareBrush
    Log: 26287.4ms Unloading: Package Excessive
    Log: 26309.1ms Unloading: Package MapVote400b6
    Log: 26312.1ms Unloading: Package UTClassic
    Log: 26314.4ms Unloading: Package PlayerPictures
    Log: 26314.8ms Unloading: Package DM-CrookedForest
    Log: 26315.1ms Unloading: Package JWDecember
    Log: 26315.1ms Unloading: Package jwDecemberArchitecture
    Log: 26315.2ms Unloading: Package JamesEffects
    Log: 26315.2ms Unloading: Package wm_sounds
    Log: 26315.3ms Unloading: Package AbaddonHardware
    Log: Garbage: objects: 27634->0; refs: 157540
    Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
    Exit: Exiting.
    Log: Waiting for file streaming thread to finish...
    Uninitialized: Name subsystem shut down
    Uninitialized: Memory Allocation Status
    Uninitialized: Curr Memory 0.114M / 2.496M
    Uninitialized: Peak Memory 56.377M / 58.129M
    Uninitialized: Allocs 665 Current / 1268752 Total
    Uninitialized: Log file closed, 08/24/03 23:43:49