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Suggestion for server admins hosting onslaught

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    Suggestion for server admins hosting onslaught

    So far I've only played the demo, but unless something drastic happened, this will be possible on retail too:

    The link designer! Anyone tryed it? I played a server with custom links once and it rocked! It was like playing Torlan on a whole new game mode, you can do mad stuff like connecting all nodes to the centre to ensure a constant massacre there, connect both power nodes (makes for really fast games), one team might try to maintain a constant attack on the enemy power node, while the other is conquering nodes to build up their strenght for some payback.

    :up: I highly recomend admins trying it, it's a very cool feature, you can even join, and change node setup while on the middle of a game

    PS: I just remembered, on the server I played once, they had a really fun setup, altough confusing. It's hard to describe actually, I was something like a zig zag towards enemy base. Fun but confusing :bulb:

    I'm a server admin running Onslaught, but I have no idea how to setup what you are talking about.

    Does anybody know how this is done?


      Press esc in-game. Look at the map, you should see link designer below it.

      It was there on the demo. I never hostd a server before, but I know you can make multiple configs and let the server use them each at a time. :up:

      Have fun




          Does that command exist? Wow, epic thinks of everything


            You set them up in the instant action game and save them from there.

            Once you are in the instant action you press esc first thing then do the link designer and you can make as many link set ups as you want for any ONS map you have and that will be stored for the server to use.

            You create a save name and also save name for each link set up you create.

            After you do this an ini will be created in the system folder with the name of the map and all the custom link set ups in it.

            Like if you took ONS-RedPlanet into the instant action and created 10 new custom link designs it would create the ONS-RedPlanet.ini in the system folder and when you start the server from the Ingame interface listen or non listen you will see your list of custom set ups along with the defaults there to configure for the server.

            If you have a free dedicated server then you would need to get the data from someone else who owns the retail version and then you would need to transfer the Map.ini into the free dedicated system folder and then you would also need to set up the free dedicted server UT2004.ini similar to what the retail games UT2004.ini would look like.

            So free dedicated you need a buddy who has the retail to work them up for you then give you the data from his files to put into yours!!

            But from 1 map like Torlan you can easy have 20 different link designs for it and run that 1 map for a couple hours and it wont be boring. If you set the use Random then your server will toggle through those 20 plus the defaults or however you config it.

            Thats one of the main feature of the ONS is the link designer and using it when you run ons maps in your server!

            I bet if you search you will find the data allreay there for you to use in your free dedicated ucc or linux servers!


              Originally posted by Crushyerbones
              Does that command exist? Wow, epic thinks of everything
              Command line parameters specific to Onslaught gametypes

              bRandSetupAfterReset----------- Boolean Use random link setup after round resets. Overrides value for ONSOnslaughtGame.bRandSetupAfterReset in server's ini file. Only applicable if GoalScore is set to greater than 1.

              LinkSetup------------------- String Specifies the link setup to be used for the match. Specify ?LinkSetup=Random to choose a random link setup.