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Clan match UT2Vote16 Question.

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  • Clan match UT2Vote16 Question.

    Version 17 may address this, but does anyone know if you can enable map voting while setting up a clan match?

    I have voting enabled, can pick around 7 maps (but not all on the server) and i can only get the voting from the 7 maps picked.

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    First, yes voting can be enabled for a clan match.

    I am not exactly sure what you are saying but let me see if I interpreted it correctly. You have checked the box to allow voting in the setup menu. You picked seven maps to be played during this clan match. When you enter the game and open the vote menu the only maps that are available to be voted are the seven you picked in the setup menu.

    If that is correct then it is working exactly how it is supposed to work. During clan matches normally you start with a specific map list to be played and you dont want anyone to vote willy nilly on any map they feel like because the map may not be appropriate for the match.

    If you want it to work differently then you'll have to request a change to ProAsm. If he feels like there is enough interest in the change then he may implement it or he may not.

    Siq Puppy


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      I probably didn't explain it correctly...what i'm attempting to do is utilize the clan mach settings, bt allow the peep to vote for any map in the map list for that particular game.


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        The Server cannot run permanently as a Clan Match setup.

        A Clan Match is like a Tournament for a given set of maps and a given period of time.

        But I see your point as over time Clan Only Servers have become popular and is a good way to keep out what you dont want.

        In 1.8 I'll see if I can somehow add a permanent Clan Server setup.


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          Coolness, thanks!